2020’s Hate Free Vision For South Sudan

2019 has for the most part been a fruitful year for South Sudanese in terms of responsible social media use. Apart from the occasional incidents of hate speech and misinformation, the year has seen most South Sudanese social media users being conscious of how they use social media, which in itself is commendable. It shows that the efforts that have been championed by organisations and individuals in South Sudan towards combating hate speech might finally be recognised. It is encouraging to note that those efforts have not been falling on deaf ears and blind eyes and that South Sudanese are progressively attaining a level of awareness that is needed to fight hate speech and misinformation.  

As we start the new decade in 2020, the hope is for even better and improved social media interactions amongst South Sudanese. Interactions that are free of hate speech and misinformation. If the previous year has taught us anything, it is that, we as South Sudanese have potential and the power to defy hate speech and misinformation on and offline. This goal begins with each and every one of us sharing a common vision of a hate-speech free South Sudan in this New Year. From all of us at #DefyHateNow the vision in 2020 is to continue engaging South Sudanese in the fight against hate speech and misinformation with as much determination and vigour as we have had in the previous years.#DefyHateNow Questions of the week:

What are your planned contributions towards the goal of eradicating South Sudan of hate speech and misinformation in the year 2020? Do you believe we as South Sudanese can achieve this goal and set a hate-free tone for the new decade? We would like to hear from you on our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.