Besong Bawack Mallet is a Development Administrator and Peace builder, he currently serves as the Human Resource and Administrative Officer of Local Youth Corner Cameroon (LOYOC); a youth-led and youth-centered peace building civil society organisation working to strengthen youth capacities and prevent radicalization and violent extremism, while creating safe spaces for young people to exercise their full potentials.

He is also the Founder and Coordinator of Network for Community Development (NECOD), a civil society organisation that equally seeks to promote sustainable peace and development through youth and women empowerment. Mallet additionally has interest in hate speech and conflict prevention as well as in the rehabilitation and reintegration of young violent offenders and victims of violence of all sorts.He is currently engaged in a series of evidence-informed research on hate speech online and offline in Cameroon.

These two institutions that Mallet is a part of are both involved in the Act4peace237 project