Emmanuel Batake is the Executive Secretary of The SDGs Winners. He is a Journalist-scientist, National coordinator of the network of journalists on gender statistics and the SDGs, Peacemaker and Youth Peace Ambassador, He4She, master in mining geology and petroleum resources.

The SDGs Winners is a volunteering platform bringing together young people and youth movements engaged in the promotion, amplification and communication around initiatives to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in Cameroon.

The SDGs Winners platform is deployed in the field through the following programs:

Gender at school: gender promotion program in schools, universities and communities

Holiday impact: Coaching program for young people on vacation

Act for gender reality: Popularization program of initiatives and actions in favor of gender

Peace campus tour: School and university caravan of awareness and training on peace building and peace development.

Delocalyzing sdgs cameroon: Fair of local initiatives for development.

Their Areas of action are:

  1. SDG and local development.
  2. Gender and development.
  3. Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV AIDS.
  4. Management of Monthly Hygiene, Sexual, Reproductive Health, and school performance.
  5. Youth, girls and leadership.
  6. Discrimination and Hygiene of social networks (hate speech; fake news, child cyber pornography etc)
  7. Peace and social inclusion for everybody.