Mebonde Ndongo Jean Stephane is a Cultural promoter and Model. He also participates in sports (athletics, Martial arts); he is an actor (TSINI and BABA); a Beat Maker; organises cultural movements, Animator of seminars and conferences (youth, health, music, religion), is a slam workshop leader at The French Institute of Cameroon (2008 – 2016) and La Blackitude Museum (Since January 2016).

He is the CEO of “Accord Parfait”, an association which brings its contribution for the construction of Peace and Living together through Art, Culture and Education. Accord Parfait is an association of young artists (musicians, Slamers, painters, dancers, etc) committed to peace and tolerance.

The association works to:

  • Promote tolerance, peace and living together.
  • Participate in the civic and moral rearmament of population and especially youth.
  • Facilitate intergenerational dialogue.
  • Stimulate in the youth a patriotic spirit.
  • Facilitate the communication between state institutions, para-state or private institutions and the general. population.
  • Putting multiculturalism at the service of peace in Cameroon and the world.
  • Educate, raise awareness and teach in a playful way that is inclusive of the youth.