Ebigwe Johnson Agbenjang is a Cameroonian from the South West Region of Cameroon. He was displaced to the Douala_Littoral Region because of the Crisis; alongside his peers for safety because of they refused to join the secessionist Defense Force in the early hours of the Anglophone crisis Popularly known as Father Ebigwe, he is a Gospel Standup Comedian, Movie producer, Actor, and a Peace Builder. He uses comedy to edify Christians through biblical allusions linking with the challenges of hate, violence and insecurity plaguing host communities of internally displaced persons in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

Ebigwe demonstrated his leadership by mobilizing his peers in the Movie and Comedy industry to do mass sensitization in schools, on the streets, in community groups to encourage Love amongst victims and host communities. He played a crucial role during the Spread Love Campaign between January and February 2019 by reaching secondary schools and students to create 10 Spread Love Clubs within his region. His commitment earned him the recognition as outstanding Spread Ambassador.

Additionally, Ebigwe Johnson is a UNESCO Peace Ambassador, United Nations Volunteer/Promoter of the sustainable development goals, A member of the Cameroon Youth Mediator Network (CYMN) A member of the Cameroon Comedian Association (CAMCOMIC), A member of the Cameroon National Actors Guild (NAGCAM) and the C.E.O of JOHNSON EBIGWE production Registered with the ministry of Arts and Culture. With more than 10 films in the Cameroon, film Market and many broadcast on national TV stations. You can watch his films on:

YouTube: Johnson Ebigwe production.

Campaign videos on Youtube: Act4peace237 J.E production

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    Thank you defyhatenow for bringing this wonderful innitiave to Cameroon working with you, we believe to make the world a betterp place #Hatefree237

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