From January to February 2020, our fellow for the Act4peace project carried different activities for this campaign, in many areas of Douala.

The first activity was a Youth forum involving Youths from different organizations and religious backgrounds which informed them about the whole campaign. Johnson and his team also went to visit schools, introduced the Act4peace237 campaign to school authorities and booked sensitazation appointments at the General Assembly. A capacity building training session held with the prefects, was to make sure that they would be able to understand the concept and explain it to their population. The theme of their campaign was “Hate speech awareness and mitigation in the school milieu”. They covered many topics like the concept of Hate speech and Hate crimes; Hate speech and Human rights; the Pyramid of hate; Hate speech and social media.

One of the Assembly sensitization events

In addition, an Act4peace237 party took place and brought together 20 influential artist and some very important persons in the Society and the IDPs. It was an occasion to do a Fund Raising to support them. Motor bikes riders also took part to an open-air campaign in street.

This has altogether been viewed as a commendable initiative according to the population who participated. The sentiment is that this project can continueto raise the awareness of as many people as possible.