#AFFCameroon: #defyhatenow Welcomes New Batch of Fellows

The fourth Cohort of our Africa Fact-checking Fellowship begins a three-month mentorship session on using advanced information verification tools.

The Africa Fact-checking Fellowship Cameroon – #AFFCameroon is a long term programme by #defyhatenow which aims at improving the quality of online content through information verification, fact-checking, data journalism and the promotion of digital rights in Cameroon. The programme is designed for journalists, bloggers, digital rights activists and other content creators, to provide Fellows with the required skill sets and tools to tackle the current misinformation challenges in their communities.

#defyhatenow is pleased to introduce our 10 new Fellows, selected for the training to run from May to July 2021. The major innovation is the entry of the Adamawa Region, taking the number of Regions covered to seven on 10. The selected Fellow is a Journalist based in Ngaoundere, Jean Besane Mangam. We are equally welcoming the first Digital Rights Activist, Ndum Vianney Forewah from Bamenda (North West) alongside another Fellow, Biami Bleezie Chu, who is a Journalist. Douala (Littoral) grabs the highest number, with three journalists namely: Kiven Brenda Nsodzefe, Marthe Ndiang and Valorien Noubissi. Yaounde (Centre) is represented by two Journalists, Elsa Kane Njiale and Giyo Ndzi. Two Journalists based in Buea (South West) complete the list: Nkengafack Eucharia and Fonki Yanick Ndaley.

The selection process respected a 5/5 gender quota. Through online and onsite hands-on sessions, Fellows will be under the technical supervision of Data Cameroon. A range of experts at home and abroad have been shortlisted to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. At the end of the training, they are expected to counter the spread of fake news and mis+disinformation by producing timely fact-checking articles; mapping and analysing daily trends through social media health reports; and, organising community outreach activities by hosting specialised meetups in their respective communities.

Congratulations to ALL our new Fellows, welcome on board!!!
For more information: http://affcameroon.defyhatenow.