#AFFCameroon: Sixteen New Journalists and Bloggers join #defyhatenow Fellowship

The Africa Factchecking Fellowship receives its fifth batch of Fellows for a quarterly training on online  information verification using advanced tools. 

In addition to 40+ actors working on countering the proliferation of online hate speech via social media directed fake news and mis/dis/malinformation in Cameroon, #defyhatenow is pleased to welcome a new batch of Fellows.

In line with our social media mandate and in response to the spread of fake news, the Africa Factchecking Fellowship for Cameroon, was designed for journalists, bloggers, digital rights activists, media and information oriented organisations, to provide Fellows with the adequate tools and skill set to tackle the current misinformation challenges in their communities.

#defyhatenow is pleased to introduce sixteen new #AFFCameroon Fellows selected for October-November-December 2021 session. A mixed representation of several regions among which the crisis-hit Anglophone Regions. Just like for previous selections, the  North West has four Bamenda-based Journalists: Nai Vonna Nubeh, Amamboh Carrey Pride Asongu, Bahiru Adamu & Verina Mbu-Kyan Mondua, alos involved in Digital Rights & Gender Advocacy. An innovation this time is the entry of Kumba, with Ndiba William Itoe, a Newspaper Publisher; with Boris Batata-Karloff, a Journalist based in Buea representing the South West Region. 

The Centre Region backs the highest share with five Fellows from Yaounde namely: Claude Sandra Deutou, a journalist, alongside four members of the Cameroon Association of Bloggers (ABC): Donald Tchiengue, Arthur César Njitchou, Hemes NKWA & Wabo Talom Chancelin.

#AFFCameroon Cohort 5 Fellows pose for a photo with the facilitators after an on-site session.

It is worth noting that #AFFCameroon is having its first Fellows from State-run media organs, both in Douala, Littoral Region. Achu Alphonse Abongwa, a Journalist with the National state Broadcaster, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) & Regina Liengu Etaka who works for the lone National Daily, Cameroon Tribune. They constitute a group of five alongside Junior Haussin of Canal2 TV, two ABC members: Olivier Moukodi Mbamse & Badal Fohmoh.

Through online and onsite hands-on sessions, Fellows are trained under the technical supervision of Adisi Cameroun. Mixed with a range of selected experts at home and abroad the teaching/learning process will be marked by experience sharing. Monthly deliverables include: production of timely fact-checking articles; mapping and analysing daily trends through social media health reports and hosting of community outreach activities through specialized meetups in their respective communities.

Highlights during the #AFFCameroon on-site sessions in Douala on 26-27th Nov 2021.

To know more about who they are, where they are from  and what they do on a daily basis, kindly follow the link: http://affcameroon.defyhatenow.org/fellows/ 

The entire #defyhatenow heartily congratulates ALL selected Fellows!!!