Africa Fact-checking fellowship was designed to follow up and  to succeed our  previous  #FactsMatter237fellowship which was launched in January 2020,  #FactsMatter237 was aimed at monitoring and mapping viral trends on social media related to the key thematic issues in Cameroon. 

In the two months pilot (Jan-Feb 2020), our six fellows published more than 12 fact-checking reports on various issues in Cameroon, including a notable report by Frank William Batchou which was cited by the US embassy in Cameroon . After seeing the success of the #FactsMatter fellowship and listening  to the feedback from various partners and fellows we opted to rebrand and program to Africa Fact-checking fellowship. The new changes include the extension of  the fellowship duration of from 2 months to 3 months, the new program will also feature an enhanced program with more practical sessions and lessons by guest experts from various organizations.   

the #Africa Fact-Checking Fellowship (AFF) is an initiative by #defyhatenow in partnership Data Cameroon which aims at promoting fact-checking, data journalism, and digital rights among journalists, bloggers, and content creators in Africa.  The three-month program is geared towards providing fellows with the skill sets and tools needed to tackle the current misinformation challenges in their countries of operation. 
The program is based on a blended learning model that utilizes webinars, practical lessons, peer learning, and practical field assignments.  Fellows will gain access to a rich set of tools and online resources as well as a network of experts and professionals from across the globe