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Andariya was launched on February 6th 2015 to fill the void and present solutions in the shape of an independent digital platform. The magazine covers grassroots issues as well as worldly issues from and about the two Sudans, with a mix of positive and critical perspectives on gender issues, technology, current affairs and edutainment.

Andariya strives to provide content for the socially conscientious, information hungry and worldly exposed Sudanese and South Sudanese audiences at home and beyond – in Arabic and in English. Leveraging multiple backgrounds across a rich network of youth and professionals from the Sudans, we present tasteful, insightful, sharp, critical and modern content.

We strive to create a pioneering, innovative, multi-faceted online platform for contemporary issues and edutainment from the South Sudans to audiences around the world. 

To build multiple digital platforms of edutainment, technology, contemporary and gender issues for a broad audience of socially conscientious, tech savvy, information hungry, internationally exposed communities tuned in to affairs of the Sudans from the inside and beyond through our expertise, integrity, grassroots coverage, creativity and innovation.