Apply for our Training on Social Media and Hate Speech Mitigation

Training on Social Media and Hate Speech Mitigation

Location: Kampala, Uganda 

Training Date : 29th to 30th April, 2018.

Application Deadline:  18th April, 2018.

We are pleased to announce our upcoming training taking place in  Kampala , Uganda, the training focuses on  developing participants’ social media understanding and skills for the mitigation of hate speech.


Following decades of fighting, South Sudan formally became an independent state in July 2011. There was a high expectation for growth and many believed they would not see another conflict in the country they fought so hard and so long for. However, war erupted in Juba in mid-December 2013 and quickly transformed into a national, political and ethnic crisis. In January 2014 the first ceasefire agreement was reached. Fighting continued and would be followed by several more ceasefire agreements. A peace agreement is known as the “Compromise Peace Agreement” was signed in August 2015 and later collapsed in 2016 when fighting erupted in Juba, South Sudan.  

“Between October and November 2016, there was a sudden and alarming increase of inflammatory language by citizens, expressing hatred – and at times inciting violence – against individuals or groups, notably based on their ethnicity or perceived beliefs, acts or political views. This occurred in the context of the non-international armed conflict, exacerbating ethnic divisions and violence on the basis of ethnicity,129 and heightening the risk of mass atrocities. Hate speech was spread through various forms of communication, including private conversations, public speeches, social media exchanges, SMS intimidating messages, images, cartoons published in the press, and threatening letters. The use of degrading terms associating some communities with animals (e.g., parasites, insects, monkeys, baboons) was observed, aimed at dehumanizing groups or individuals.” – REPORT ON THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF OPINION AND EXPRESSION IN SOUTH SUDAN SINCE THE JULY 2016 CRISIS

About the training

#defyhatenow is working to mitigate hate speech on social media through three identified aspects; spreading awareness, counter-messaging, and social media literacy. The social media training will be addressing all three aspects by aiming at the exchange of information regarding social media use and best practices. The training is designed to address not only individuals but also organizations and leaders who are/strive to be influential in their communities.

This training is part of #defyhatenow project and is carried out in the framework of the #defyhatenow mission and values for the mitigation of hate speech on social media with a focus on South Sudan.
These sessions /activities are designed to help individuals and organizations working in the space of peacebuilding, civic engagement, conflict resolution and diaspora/refugees South Sudanese community engagement gain a better understanding of the hate speech and how it can be mitigated in South Sudan. 

The training will focus on the themes below  :

  • Prejudice awareness
  • Hate speech awareness and mitigation
  • Introduction to Social Media platforms (Tools, processes, and skills )
  • Social Media strategy for civil Society organizations   

Who can apply?

We are targeting South Sudanese who are active in promoting peace and development in South Sudan through activism, youth and gender activities, refugee community development and civil society organizations.  

Applicants need not to have a deep level of understanding of social media management and design principles. However, background knowledge and preferably some practical experience is highly recommended. 

The program is designed for individuals who are residents of the specific locations where the training will be conducted. #defyhatenow will not provide accommodation or transport to the participants. You are advised to apply for a training if it is in the city of residence (Kampala )

Apply here 


Please note that applying through our website and receiving an acceptance email is the only way to attend the training. Please make sure to submit your application before the deadline of  18th April 2018.