Community Development Centre, Yei South Sudan

CDC is an indigenous non-governmental, nonprofit organization in South Sudan, founded by a connection of artistic and ambitious South Sudanese youth in Yei.

Youth, who constitute the largest share of the South Sudan population and also in cyberspace, need to be educated & equipped with the necessary competence to recognize and act against online hate speech.

DHN_CDC_Yei_StPauls_02This June, combined with  r0g / agency for open culture and critical transformation we’ll be hosting major ‪#‎defyhatenow‬ campaigns in Yei that aim to mobilize youth, organizations and citizen stakeholders to act against hate speech.

CDC-Yei-Photo-EmmanuelLobijoJustinePicture credit: Emmanuel Lobijo Justine

Taking the message of peacebuilding and ‪#‎defyhatenow‬ to St. Paul secondary School in Yei, the students made positive messaging signs and photos.

DHN-CDC_Yei_StPauls-01The CDC conducted an outreach activity and shared methods and strategies for engaging and empowering presentation on mitigating hate speech and its related dangers with students eager to build peace. 5th July 2016.

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Message from the Principal:

Thanks to CDC (Community Development Center) for their wonderful message #defyhatenow at St Paul School. I believe with this wonderful message, we shall make South Sudan the best place to live in. Thank you so much, God bless you.