Defy Hate, Using Technology

For over four years now since the Anglophone crisis broke out degenerating into an armed conflict, it appears not only do the actors engage in gun battles, but also creating an environment of animosity, the hates and intolerance. This some manifest in words like “Le Bamenda, ngrafffi, Anglofool, Ambazonie, Cam-no-go, La Republic, nkumkumize, blacklegs, terrorists” just to name a few.

It is recurrent to find two or more persons exchanging insults on Facebook, Whatsapp groups, Instagram or Twitter using these phrases to qualify each other. The ongoing crisis in Cameroon since 2016 has instigated these insults as persons from both camps use social media and other digital platforms to preach hate.

It is on this backdrop that #DefyHateNow in partnership with other organizations has been using events and other digital platforms to preach peace and love with the recent move being the Tech4Peace Booth camp held at Jungo Hub. The boot camp aims to train participants to use social media/technology to preach peace by creating and sharing peace-oriented content. This boot camp runs from December 1, 2020, to December 4 2020.

Churchill Nanje founder of Njorku and the project coordinator, conscious of the economic effects of the Anglophone crisis says the seminar equips participants with skills that permit them to work from home and earn a living.

The four-day event also aimed at introducing to improve their skills on Software Development, Blogging and Marketing, Graphic Design, Cyber Security and Peacebuilding.

Participants have been expressing excitement at the boot camp as they say it is very timely.

“I came here to broaden my knowledge of blogging and marketing. I have written a few blog posts before but I am coming here to how to do it better. I would love to change the narrative when it comes to writing online. I see lots of persons preaching hate online which is something I would love to change,

Freddy Fosso says at the boot camp.

Another participant Ntam Jude, says he didn’t know he could use Adobe Photoshop to design flyers that carry peace-oriented messages defying hate.

“I thought this software was meant for companies only to design their adverts. Thanks to DefyHateNow and partners, I preach peace using flyers.

The group and practical works and fun games given by trainers have helped participants understand better.

Participants gaming during the event

Hate speeches on social media have destroyed relationships than they have built. Businesses and nations have crumbled due to the hateful content persons exchange using digital tools and gadgets. Why not join in the fight to eradicate hate speech by using the digital skills and Apps you have? Before you click or share the message, think and rethink.

Article Posted on Cameroon News Agency