#defyhatenow in Collaboration with YSAT

To achieve our goals at #defyhatenow we partner with people and organisations who are working towards the same goals to help strengthen and support each other, and reach a wider network of communities to engage more effectively in activities that help to facilitate ongoing peacebuilding and build a strong civil society.

One of those partners is Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT), a Refugee Youth led community based non-profit non-governmental  organisation founded in 2015 with its head office in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement. Led by a group of Refugees and Host Community Youth who seek to elevate, educate, sensitise and create awareness within the refugee and hosting communities on Peace, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) prevention, gender equity, Youth and Women’s Empowerment, Youth friendly Health Services, Innovations, promoting Girl Child Education , preserve and innovate ways of harnessing life and transforming their communities while displaced from their homes by the war and ongoing conflict.

At The Uganda Social Media Conference with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Uganda & South Sudan- Introduction of The #defyhatenow Social Media Field Guide

YSAT aims to empower the Refugee Youth who we are affected by the conflict and all forms of violence in South Sudan, both during transit, in reception centres and in the clusters where they are resettled. Here the need for peaceful coexistence with each other is emphasized, they are guided through various programs to help develop leadership capacity and manage the effects of trauma. YSAT was formed as a voice to address these needs, as some of the youth have experienced a high level of trauma, they have scarce resources and often their leadership capabilities are underrated by stakeholders, among other challenges. YSAT bridges the gap between NGOs and refugee youth in their communities and aims to create a diverse youth network that connects them with decision makers to rebuild youth capacities in leadership and create more cohesive communities.

#defyhatenow has collaborated with YSAT since the beginning of 2017 in trainings, Community Dialogues, Meetups with various Stakeholders and Youth groups, Organizing Peace Jams, Peace Concert and activities that are aimed to bring peace in the 33 villages of Rhino Camp with extension to Koboko, and possibly Bidibidi and Imvepi Refugee Settlements this Year.

A trauma and healing session at Rhino refugee settlement

Working with #defyhatenow strengthened both the #defyhatenow team and the YSAT team, and also inspired Refugee Community Members, Peace Activists, South Sudanese Civil Society/Community Based Organizations in Uganda to take part in project activities where we all are able to engage with the areas that need to be addressed collectively.

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