#defyhatenow Launches Hate-Free South Sudan Online Awareness Campaign

From the last quarter of 2020, #defyhatenow has been implementing the #hatefreesouthsudan campaign under the EU and UNDP projects. The campaign is an initiative which aims at highlighting the importance of creating a society free of hate, discrimination and incitement to violence. The year-long campaign will involve various actors engaging in developing strategies and working on individual, communal, and organizational actions to restore the social fabric and create a hate-free South Sudan. At #defyhatenow, we view this as a call for participation to all citizens, private companies, NGOs and government institutions in South Sudan as all of us have a role to play in creating a #HateFreeSouthSudan.

After months of planning and implementing offline #hatefreesouthsudan activities, #defyhatenow is now launching the campaign online. The image below provides an overview of how you can actively take part in making the awareness campaign a success with your contribution towards creating a hate-free South Sudan.

#defyhatenow understands the role that online platforms play in influencing realities on the ground and so it is our hope that with the inclusion and participation of South Sudanese in this online campaign, our goal of contributing towards hate-free South Sudanese societies will be achieved.