#defyhatenow Partners with UNDP South Sudan

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with UNDP South Sudan. Through this partnership, #defyhatenow and UNDP South Sudan’s Communications and Innovations Unit will be able to widen the scope in the fight against misinformation and hate speech using #211CHECK, while at the same time, building awareness during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 211CHECK is a fact-checking and information verification platform that works on countering misinformation and disinformation in South Sudan. The main objective of the 211CHECK is to provide a platform where South Sudanese fact-checkers can publish articles/reports on various thematic issues within South Sudan. 

UNDP South Sudan will support #defyhatenow’s 211CHECK for an initial period of six months. The partnership supports #defyhatenow’s mission to Promote digital rights and create a framework for increasing trust between stakeholders and communities in Africa through mobilizing civic action against all forms of hate speech, misinformation, human rights violations, and incitement to violence. As part of the partnership with UNDP, #defyhatenow will be able to develop a digital information centre, intensify fact-checking efforts using the 211CHECK platform, as well as develop the Africa Fact-Checking Fellowship program which will run for 3 months.