Ebigwe Johnson Agbenjang: The film producer using peace sensitisation in his work.

Ebigwe Johnson Agbenjang is a Cameroonian based in Douala. He is one of those displaced from Buea South-west region due to the socio-political crisis. Ebigwe is a filmmaker determined to see a united Cameroon despite the difficulties due to the Anglophone crisis. He encourages youths in schools, IDPs and Cameroonins at large to go for Peace and love, not hate, through street to street sensitisation, which makes his action and quest for a peaceful Cameroon exceptional.

  • Where you’re from, and what was your experience growing up

I am popularly known in my Community as “Father EBIGWE”. I am a native of Mbeme village in the Upper Bayang Sub Division of Manyu Division South West Region.

My childhood life wasn’t the best. I did not enjoy the rights or privileges my peers enjoyed because of my family background. I come from a polygamous family, with my mother being the second wife and not from the same native land as my father. They separated when I was, two and my childhood was more of a migrant living from mother to grandmother to aunties inlaws before becoming independent.

  • How did you get into this line of work?

I am an actor by profession; I have done over ten skits and five films of above 30 minutes. I have also acted in a dramatic comedy titled  “ANOSABI” on local television networks and My Movie Tv of BT Media Group. I choose this career because it helps me tell stories to the world. I am also quite passionate about movie production.

  • What has been the most rewarding experience of your career?

My career has given me the privilege of occupying some socio-political positions in my municipality of Douala 4 sub Division despite my age and level of qualifications. I’m an internally displaced person (IDP) in this part of the country.

  • Have you had to face challenges in your chosen profession?

Challenges are never lacking in our line of work; rejections, exploitation among others, are inevitable, but passion keeps you moving.

  • Who is your role model? Who inspires you?

My role model as an actor is senior Cameroonian actor Otia Vitalis Suh. 

  • What have been the significant achievements in your acting career?

I can’t say I have achieved much because I consider myself to be at the preparation stage. So I still have more to do as the Cameroon movie industry is concerned.

  • What do you hope the future holds? And what can you tell young men as they work towards their goals?

From the look of things, the future is very bright for the Cameroon film industry. Many companies are now using Cameroonian actors as brand ambassadors and Cameroonian films are breaking into international platforms. Cameroon movie awards like “Red feather Awards” and festivals like  CAMIFF are also helping to put the Cameroonian film industry on the global map.

My advice to young people will come in the form of this Bible quote: ” Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord, and not for men.” Colossians 3:23.

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