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The project is mandated to mobilize civic and digital action to counter online hate speech and online incitement to violence in Ethiopia.



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combating disinformation


who we are

#defyhatenow project in Ethiopia

The initiative aims to foster civic engagement and digital initiatives as proactive measures to address the pervasive issues of hate speech and the incitement of violence online in Ethiopia.

This includes;

- Digital Initiatives for Positive Change.

- Combating Online Hate Speech.

- Addressing Online Incitement to Violence

- Online Ethics and Responsible Digital Citizenship

- Civic engagement and capacity building to promote resilient behaviour change.

- Collaborative Approach

Campaigns and Mobilization

against hate speech and disinformation. 

Training & Capacity Building

workshops & engagements for civic response.

Infrastructure and Resources

for combating online information disorder.

what we do

Our Focus Areas

Infrastructure and resources

for combating online information disorder.


Against hate speech & disinformation.

Trainings & Capacity building.

Workshops & engagements for civic response.

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