Gemma May, Outreach and Partnerships Manager

Gemma is an experienced partnerships and fundraising expert who has worked in 3 different countries for over 8 years. She has extensive knowledge and connections in the education, start-up and SME sectors in Africa through her networking. She has raised funds of over $10 million through foundations and private companies for successful long-term partnerships, and is accomplished in expanding development programs through project management, funding strategy creation and research for policy change.

Gemma likes to think outside the box when forming partnerships, from the private sector to government, which then create sustainable and diverse connections for business expansion and funding projects. She is a connector and loves to see new businesses thrive after creating successful partnerships. Gemma is a keen believer in organisations finding grassroots solutions for issues, knowing this is the key to building a sustainable future in developing regions.  She is very excited to be working with #DefyHateNow on their innovative projects around combating hate speech and building a peaceful South Sudan.