Gender talk 211: Conversations on Gender in South Sudan

One of #DefyHateNow’s goals is to promote voices that act on mitigating hate and initiating meaningful discussions on issues that affect various groups within South Sudan and beyond. To that end, #DefyHateNow is pleased to announce that it is affiliated with #Gendertalk211, a platform aimed at initiating conversations on gender in South Sudan. The platform will officially be launching on 11th March 2020 and will run actively until September, 2020. 

The need for initiating the platform comes out of the observation that conversations on gender amongst South Sudanese often focus on the aftermath which is sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Given the protracted conflict, there are more efforts towards prevention and response to SGBV but very minimal on the root which is “gender” as a concept in South Sudan. To fully understand the presence of the gender gap or inequality and how South Sudanese get to SGBV, there is need to comprehensively understand the construct of gender in South Sudan, what it was, what it is, how it is evolving and why the evolution is necessary. In the South Sudanese context, discussions (both offline and online) around gender are often charged and quickly explode as soon as they start, leaving very minimal room for dialogues to deepen the understanding of issues raised. Gender Talk 211 is therefore an online space and an opportunity for South Sudanese to constructively and continuously share information, experiences, knowledge, and skills around gender as a concept. 

Would you like to be a part of the gender conversations concerning South Sudan? Please follow the Gender Talk 211 social media platforms not to miss any updates;

Facebook: Gender Talk 211

Twitter: @GenderTalk211

You can also use the hashtag#GenderTalk211 to be a part of the conversation. We look forward to hearing your voice and having your contribution.