I am Bior and I stand for Peace

Bior is a young South Sudanese from Bor town, who is actively engaged in peacebuilding and is part of the #defyhatenow community for the past 18 months.

Inspired by the need for Peace in his community Bior decided to organize a peacebuilding outreach in Bor town.

Bior’s passion for peace is deeply held, and despite the many challenges and difficulties, he continues to be optimistic and utilizes every chance he has to spread peace and share with his community. The recent Peace Outreach is just one of the many activities Bior is engaged in.


[excerpts from Bior’s report]

After two days of outreach from school to school on #defyhatenow, these were the requests from the teachers.

Small sign posts with peace notes. These small sign posts will be used to write important peace notes and spread around the school like the ones the team to Bweyale saw on the school compound. This will help remind teachers, students and parents that come to school and the messages of peace will continue to spread around the communities every day.

Peace - Respect

History books. The teacher suggested that if there could be any way #defyhatenow can find encouraging history books on national and community peace building to be given to students to read all the time to give hope and love for their nation they would appreciate that.


Games and sports. This is the most unifying event that brings schools and communities together, because this brings all students from different schools, tribes, cultures, denominations together to competition among themselves know each other and learn from each other hence peace building come automatically among themselves.


Support orphans at schools. Orphans are the most neglected people when it comes to treatment, care, school, justice, and more. The teachers said if #defyhatenow can help generate support for orphans it could be better for them to learn and participate in peacebuilding through education and not to think or feel bad for being an orphan.

If #defyhatenow can help to do this the education will spread even to the helpless. These are some of the things we are planning to do in Bor to #defyhatenow.