Kendi Gikunda

Ms. Gikunda is a Human Resource Consultant with over 7 years’ experience in various capacities. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management from Egerton University, Kenya. She is passionate about designing the future of work at the intersection of innovation, youth and human capital. She has worked with consulting firms such as Deloitte and has also built structures for startups in Kenya. She is a lead Human Resource Consultant at Synapsis Consulting, a management advisory firm which blends strategy and capabilities to create defensible organizational strategic fit. She is a tech enthusiast and is keen to discover how the future of work is/will be impacted by technology and is the Project Coordinator, Kenya of OpenWise Learning. Open Wise Learning is an initiative whose aim is to empower kids with knowledge of the natural world and technology and to instill in them a sense of responsibility to their communities.

Kendi likes playing with words; her Facebook page is her word lab. Occasionally, she documents the Ameru culture on the, and she has written for Ability Africa Magazine, a Kenyan magazine that tells stories of ordinary Kenyans abled differently. She has also written for #defyhatenow, a peace-building initiative for South Sudan.