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Since the outbreak of violence in the December 2013, South Sudanese have called attention to how hate speech has inflamed further violent conflict. But what’s the connection between online hate narratives and violence on the ground in South Sudan? How do we begin to understand those connections?

To address these questions, PeaceTech Lab has developed a Lexicon of Hate Speech Termscombining cutting-edge social media analysis with in-country expertise to identify both the terms likely to incite violence, and their social and political context. The Lexicon also identifies alternative language that would mitigate the impact of this speech via an online portal for countering hate speech.

The goal of this research is to inform organizations and individuals combating hate speech and building peace in South Sudan, as well as to raise awareness among social media users on the dangers of specific inflammatory language.

Social Media & Conflict in South Sudan: Lexicon of Hate Speech Terms

Access a summary of the project, live visualizations from the social media analysis of hate speech, news articles, and resources for organizations countering hate speech through the South Sudan Hate Speech Data Portal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]