Mac Alunge

Mac Alunge is a Professional Spoken Word Artist, Social Entrepreneur and Businessman.

He is the Founder & Executive Director for Strawacademy, a Not-for-Profit Organization which seeks to foster economic and sustainable development by inspiring and directing the creation & development of youth-led, women-led and refugee-led startup businesses. Strawacademy, through its Art brand MA Park, fosters the implementation of initiatives in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals, by sensitization and advocacy using Spoken Word Art through Art-based Content Creation (Videos, Audios, Pictures, Text), Capacity Building & Networking of Artists, as well as digital and offline community engagement (through virtual and physical events). In line with this, Mac Alunge is a UNESCO Peace Ambassador to Cameroon. 

He also runs Developer Operations for Strawacademy’s For-Profit (the Strawacademy Company), which provides branding, tech and media support to Organizations and Individuals.