#MakerSpace: Introducing #ASKotec at Higher Institute of learning in Yaounde, Cameroon

There is nothing as beautiful as being able to transmit knowledge to others, it has been an entire week of teaching for our Lead #ASKotec trainers from #defyhatenow South Sudan, Richard Maliamungu and Bior Ajang. This part of the pan-african collaboration between the #defyhatenow and #ASKnet (Access to Skills Network), the first of its kind between both countries. #ASKotec meaning: Access to Skills, Knowledge – open technology emergency case; a kit that is designed to work as a mobile training set and is equipped with the items needed to teach others how to use Open Tech and Open Source Hardware in order to innovate, educate, and repair items, thereby providing access to vital skills and knowledge.

#defyhatenow organised a four-day free training with students of CITEC (Cameroon Bilingual Centre of Information Technology and Consultancy) in Yaounde. It is indeed a privilege for schools to open their doors to receive us, as we implement our #HateFreeSchools mandate by building the capacities of students. Bior & Richard showed the students the contents of the #ASKotec kit, with a clear description of their use. It was an exciting moment acquiring basic knowledge in electrical and electronics solutions, which could go a long way to equip participants in responding to urgent needs in their neighbourhoods. 


Ndong Neng Brian Brinsly: “I was excited to know how the solar panels on streets are programmed to work automatically. Thanks to the ASKotec training, I now know and will gladly go home to share this with my dad. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to produce my own solar panel and be able to add my own touch to technological development in my community.

Ning Joyce: “I chose to study computer hardwares because of my passion for innovation. I also wish to make a difference as a lady in the Tech world. I learnt how to operate and fix phones and laptops; my dream is to create new technology devices to offer solutions to people”.

#defyhatenow introduces #ASKotec in Cameroon as a conflict transformation tool, aimed to build the capacities of internally displaced persons, schools drop-outs & the underprivileged to enable them contribute to problem solving in their host communities. #ASKotec: Access to Skills, Knowledge open Technology Emergency Case, a mobile training toolkit conceived by _r0g / agency for open culture and critical transformation as a conflict transformation response tool, providing young people with problem solving skills for their communities.