Mediation and counter-messaging for hate speech prevention

Our partner organization Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT) has successfully conducted a training on mediation and counter-messaging for hate speech prevention.  The event was held at Rhino refugee settlement in Arua district, Uganda.


50 Peace Ambassadors and  15 Refugee Welfare Council (RWC)/Local Council (LC) Leaders were trained on Mediation, Counteracting Hate Speech, Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation, Violence prevention to enable them preach peace given their different roles and responsibilities in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement which is comprised mostly of South Sudanese nationals.

This training is part of a series of activities aimed at helping the South Sudanese diaspora community in understanding the impact of hate speech and the need for active involvement of all citizens in peacebuilding.


We believe citizens are key stakeholders in helping us defy hate speech among the diaspora community of South Sudan especially in Uganda where the biggest number of Refugees are settled.

Training objectives

  • To mobilize the Refugee community to join our walk for a Peaceful S.Sudan online and offline
  • To introduce the hate Speech, its dangers and how to counteract it in the society given its impact offline
  • To share what the Peace Ambassadors have been doing after their first training.
  • To spread the Peace mission in all the villages of Rhino Camp through the 50 Peace Ambassadors and the 15 Refugee and Local Leaders
  • To change the way people use social media to combat violence and reduce inciting violence.
  • To empower Refugee Youth as active Peace builders for peaceful co-existence in Uganda where they are living in the refuge camp.


Youth Social Advocacy Team is a Youth-led community-Based Organization that works with and for Youth (young people), empowering them to be Peace Ambassadors while in the different Refugee settlements. The organization enables youth to live together in the refugee camps despite the challenges of conflicts at home and the difficulties of living as refugee.