Meet Up in Akono

On Wednesday, February 26, Fotso Fokam from the #FactsMatter237 project organized a meet up with teachers in Akono. it was important to have this meeting with the teachers because they play an important role in the education of children for whom they are generally models. Their behavior in both the establishment and society is being looked at and imitated. In this perspective, they must be exemplary when it comes to hate speech or fake news.The workshop was held in the computer room of the Bilingual High School of Akono, located in the centre region of Cameroon. Our scholarship led a workshop with the following goals: raising awareness of hate speech and the danger they pose to social cohesion; raising teachers’ awareness on fake news by showing them the link between fake news and hate speech; sharing with the teachers essential tips and tools to check information.The session ended with reactions from participants, most of whom were struggling to understand the reasons that might lead an individual to create fake news. Participants were very interested in the image checking tools and took time to note the list of fact-checking sites given to them.

Fotso Fokam with the participants during the session