Meet Up in Bamenda

Our Fellow Pedmia Shatu Tita organized her first meet up with people from different backgrounds at Bamenda. This was related to the #FactsMatter237 project with #DefyHateNow in Cameroon. The meeting was attended by publishers and station managers who attested to the fact that the spread of hate and fake news in an environment made sensitive by an ongoing conflict is the reason why the crisis drags on. Those in attendance expressed the need for more talks like the one organised by Ms. Shatu as a result of the hate speech expressions that have been observed during the conflict period in Cameroon. The discussion also centred on the way the Cameroon Community media Network through the Peace Journalism and Conflict Transformation project of the PCC has been helping restore peace through capacity building workshops and radio productions centered around Peace. Their recommendations of the participants were for more radio stations to engage in the production of peace messages through micro programs, spots, sweepers and jingles.

Pedmia Shatu Tita with the Meet Up attendees