Meet Up in Dschang

One of our #FactsMatter237 fellow, Romuald Nguemkap, met some community members from the city of Dschang for a discussion on hate speech. Among his guests were a student, blogger, teacher, radio animator and artist.

The first topic that the participants discussed was hate speech and some examples to aid the disussion were taken from the Cameroonian web in various forums. Each participant, then, shared their experience with hate speech both online and offline.One of the participants later shared more information on the bill of contempt of the tribe in Cameroon.During the experience sharing session, a special focus was placed around fake news on the Cameroonian web, and how these are misleading many people. The credibility of the media and people who share information has been called into question.At the end, participants wanted such initiatives to be multiplied to allow a large world of people to take this reality into account and the dangers to #peace in our country.