Open Tech / Emergency Response

Technology helps create predictive models, which can better understand how an emergency or disaster will impact the area. Understanding and viewing the prediction makes it easier to create an effective plan of action that addresses the concerns that the predictive model brings to light. We work with technology to help manage emergencies and disaster situations to help lead to more effective advances and innovations in conflict-prone areas

We aim to facilitate emergency response agencies to resolve threats in a timely and comprehensive manner.

L’arrivée de l’IA et les efforts de lutte contre la désinformation par la vérification des faits 

L'intelligence artificielle (IA) est un terme générique désignant…

#AFFCameroon Cohort 8: Enhancing Responsible Newsrooms & Social Media Platforms for a #HateFreeCameroon

Thirty-one newly selected Fellows embark on a three months long hands-on on information verification, advanced search tools and Media literacy programs.

Apply now: Fact-checking and verification masterclass for journalists

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting…

Apply now: Fact-checking masterclass for civil society organisations

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting…