Open Tech / Emergency Response

Technology helps create predictive models, which can better understand how an emergency or disaster will impact the area. Understanding and viewing the prediction makes it easier to create an effective plan of action that addresses the concerns that the predictive model brings to light. We work with technology to help manage emergencies and disaster situations to help lead to more effective advances and innovations in conflict-prone areas

We aim to facilitate emergency response agencies to resolve threats in a timely and comprehensive manner.

#ASKotec: The Mobile Open Tech Laboratory in a Box 

Learning and making, Soldering, measuring voltage, clipping…

#AFFCameroon Cohort 6 Grand Nord Speciale phase 2

#defyhatenow is changing the narrative and gaining new grounds…

#defyhatenow Field Guide in Pidgin English 

On the 8th and 9th of April,2022 members of the Association of…

#MakerSpace: Introducing #ASKotec at Higher Institute of learning in Yaounde, Cameroon

There is nothing as beautiful as being able to transmit knowledge…

#Makerspace – #defyhatenow présente le kit #ASKotec au Cameroun.

#ASKotec signifie Accès aux compétences et aux connaissances Open Tech Emergency Case. Il a été introduit au Cameroun par les formateurs #ASKotec du Soudan du Sud, Maliamungu Richard et John Bior Ajang Garang.