#peacejam2021 Live Schedule

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Recovering after displacement – A chat with refugees and IDPs on their role in conflict transformation
Host – Marina Modi, #defyhatenow South Sudan (Juba)

Special Guest Contributors

  1. Blaise Mbuh -Founder Bamenda Film school
  2. Susan Duku – Executive Director RAWYA, Former Uganda Refugees
    Representatives to Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework
  3. John Jaldak – 2021 RSC International Summer School in Forced
    Migration and Refugee Studies at the University of Oxford.
    Executive Director of YSAT- Rhino Camp, Uganda / Juba-South
  4. Sophie Ngassa – Center for Youth Education and Enterprise
    Development- Bamenda, Cameroon

Diaspora Voices on conflict mitigation and transformation
Host – Eugene N Nforngwa, Africa Knowledge and Policy Centre, AKPC – Yaounde

Special Guest Contributors

  1. Prof Nsoh Christopher – University of Yaounde, Cameroon
  2. Prime Illumin – University of Alberta – Edmonton, Canada
  3. Maryse Nsangou Njikam – Culture Attaché, Cameroon Embassy
  4. Arrey Bate – Internet Entrepreneur & Journalist – ARREYB Media,


  1. Mac Alunge
    Spoken word artist and co-founder
    Straw Academy, Cameroon
  2. Jaiksana Jambu
    Musician and co-founder Platform
    Africa, Rhino Camp Uganda
  3. Tata Diko
    Feminist/Spoken Word Poet/
    Basketballer, Juba-South Sudan
  4. Ondoa L’Afrikain
    Conteur Performeur

Event moderated by Valerie Viban
Schedule Time 14:00hrs – 17:15hrs CEST (South Sudan/Germany), 13:00-16:15hrs WAT (Cameroon),
15:00hrs-18:15hrs EAT (Uganda/Kenya)