Peter Malir, a sub-grantee of #defyhatenow’s cohort two of #Act4Peace fellowship holds an #Act4Peace Youth Award.

Peter Malir, an associate of Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CaPaD) and a sub grantee of #defyhatenow’s cohort two of #Act4Peace fellowship held an #Act4Peace Youth Award on the 2nd of October in Sherikat.  The event aimed at recognizing former youth leaders, young women and girls, musicians, grassroots humanitarian servicemen, and volunteers who have influenced and demonstrated bringing about peaceful cohesion and resilience through their talents, positions and influence in the Greater Bor communities.

In addition, the event also launched a Hashtag for peace in Dinka ( ‘#PEL KU JAMRAC’ – Let’s stop hate speech) as a campaign message against hate speech and misinformation in the Greater Bor communities.

Lastly, the event also showcased a number of talents including culture and more innovations for peace and unity.

The #Act4Peace Fellowship is a microgrant awarded to young peace builders engaging grassroots communities across South Sudan to tackle both online and offline issues of hate speech, misinformation and incitement to violence as part of # defyhatenow’s mission of enhancing trust amongst communities to achieve a vision of long-lasting peace.

The open call for the final cohort of the fellowship is set to launch sometime in this month of October. If you are a youth peace-builder you are encouraged to apply once applications are open.

Photo by Peter Malir

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  1. Achiek deng kuot
    Achiek deng kuot says:

    It’s sound so healthy do iron out the bad characters in the society and leave the society in non conflict style of leaving i promise to contribute my part towards peace in doing and monitoring
    Thanks you i will always wish you healthy to do more

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