Policy Development / Political Leadership

Public policy is essentially a government decision undertaken to pursue a specific goal or objective which may or may not be enforceable at the central, state or local level of governance. Policy-making is a dynamic process that is changing dramatically with the increased involvement from different stakeholders. For meaningful public policy, there is a need for input from the public. We work with institutions that work with the public for participation, thus providing communication between government agencies making decisions and the public.

Another way of ensuring that people’s voices are heard and determining policy-making that we employ in our work is activism and advocacy. Advocacy was publicly representing an individual, organisation, or idea. It is used as an umbrella term for many intervention tools, including active lobbying by letter writing, meeting politicians, running public forums, questions in parliament, and participating in various consultative processes.

Call for Applications: Conflict Sensitive Reporting Training.

This training program is designed to provide journalists and bloggers with the necessary skills and knowledge to report on conflict issues responsibly and ethically, while also promoting peace and dialogue within their communities.

Africa Check Masterclass: Journalists & CSO Build Skills on Fatchecking

A total of 21 journalists from Yaounde, Bafoussam, Foumban and Douala were selected for the training in Yaounde on July 24-25, 2023. The session was organised by Africa’s first independent factchecking organisation, Africa Check with technical support from #defyhatenow, as member of Africa Facts Network. This collaboration falls in line with Africa Check’s leading role on the continent in building, developing and strengthening fact-checking organisations capacity by offering in-depth train-the-trainer programmes to strengthen African countries' information ecosystems.

Peacebuilding & Social Cohesion: Imams Build Capacity for Community Outreach

Building on the success of the first training session in Bamenda,…

CFI Media & Development Forum: Global Response to Global Threats!

Over 300 delegates met in Paris, France for three days to discuss…

Uniting on Eradicating #HateSpeech Through Collective Efforts

Hate speech encourages a climate of violence and repression…

Les réseaux sociaux : Un outil d’atténuation contre le discours de haine et la désinformation

#defyhatenow sera représenté lors de cette 2ème édition par Ngala-Desmond, Tchiengue-Donald et Mbong Vera qui partageront respectivement sur le rôle et l'impact des initiatives de lutte contre la #Désinformation et le #DiscoursDeHaine sur les médias sociaux, parler sur la compréhension des bases de l'intelligence économique dans un monde qui évolue rapidement et d’en parler sur ce que #deyhatenow fait dans sa contribution à la paix Cameroun.

Press Release: National Symposium

PRESS RELEASE The Department of Sociology of the University of Yaoundé I, in partnership with the #defyhatenow Initiative implemented by Civic Watch and the Pan-African University, is organising a National Symposium from 10 to 12 May 2023 on the theme: "Hate speech and violence in Cameroon: social genesis, emerging forms and possible responses"