SIFTA Diaspora Program

SIFTA, which stands for Space for Ideas, Freedom, Transformation, and Action is a framework for change developed by #defyhatenow to tackle the ever-growing threats of hate speech, misinformation and fake news among South Sudanese. SIFTA works based on impartial and transparent mechanisms that aim at having a more cohesive South Sudan by combating the impact and spread of hate speech, fake news and misinformation. 

The framework focuses on four main pillars:- Education, Policy, Technology, and Media.

The aim of this initiative is to contribute to national reconciliation efforts for South Sudanese with a specific focus on social media platforms, capacity building, and policy institution and strengthening as the key initiatives to strengthen interethnic relationships and mutual understanding. 

The SIFTA training program will focus on the South Sudanese youth and women in the diaspora, aged between 15-35years of different academic and professional and ethnic backgrounds. We seek to support those voices acting against the conflict to go ‘viral’ within and outside the country, bringing the South Sudanese diaspora into the online peacebuilding framework, bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.

#DefyHateNow aims to work with South Sudanese diaspora by organizing a youth engagement that will be held once a month in the form of focus groups, panel discussions, Q and A sessions, workshops, and intensive training. We plan to hold the events in Nairobi and surrounding suburbs, Kakuma, Dadaab Refugee Camp and Rhino Camp in Northern Uganda.