Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Citizen Data

We use data to contribute to peacebuilding efforts with a specific focus on social media platforms, capacity building, and tech policy. We work with institutions to help them utilize technology to strengthening their peacebuilding capacity. Some of our work in this field includes; Fact-checking training programs for content creators,  Fellowships for journalists on fact-checking and data journalism, Data Visualizations and Digital rights, policy, & advocacy.

The Dawn of AI and Efforts in Countering Disinformation through Fact Checking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for computer…

Garoua-Boulai: Enhancing Community Resilence Against Hatespeech

The Region of the rising sun from 29 to 31 August will host a #defyhatenow activity within the framework of the implementation of #FIELDGUIDECameroon. 

Africa Check Masterclass: Journalists & CSO Build Skills on Fatchecking

A total of 21 journalists from Yaounde, Bafoussam, Foumban and Douala were selected for the training in Yaounde on July 24-25, 2023. The session was organised by Africa’s first independent factchecking organisation, Africa Check with technical support from #defyhatenow, as member of Africa Facts Network. This collaboration falls in line with Africa Check’s leading role on the continent in building, developing and strengthening fact-checking organisations capacity by offering in-depth train-the-trainer programmes to strengthen African countries' information ecosystems.

Apply now: Fact-checking and verification masterclass for journalists

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting…

Apply now: Fact-checking masterclass for civil society organisations

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting…

A conversation with Ndi Nancy Saiboh  

The #defyhatenow Cameroon initiative caught up with Ms. Ndi Nancy Saiboh about her work, here is our conversation;