South Sudan Data Speaks

South Sudan Data Speaks is a 3-month data journalism fellowship for South Sudanese journalists and online content creators. The program is designed to educate participants on the fundamentals of data journalism through a one-month in-depth training, facilitated by experienced data journalists. The one-month training will be followed by two months field assignment for fellows to collect data and work on stories of their choice. Participants will be asked to select three stories of their interests which are in line with the program’s thematic focus. Over the two-month period, each fellow will be provided a small grant and mentorship to work on publishing three stories of public interest.  

Data speaks is built with the belief that factual and data-driven stories/reporting has the ability to influence decision making and public perceptions. The overall objective of this program is to increase the health of information sharing in South Sudan by providing data stories that aim at educating the public on issues of public interest. The fellows will create content that will occupy the online journalism space hence changing perceptions and increasing accountability and transparency in the country.