I am Southern Sudanese – Mer

Using my Guitar to speak hope | Mer Anyang | TEDxNakaseroWomen

May 2015, Kampala Uganda

“What is your responsibility? Some of us are Doctors, Journalists, Engineers, you name it. This war is not just in a neighbouring country, this war is really all over Africa. We are fighting tribalism, we are fighting gender based violence, we are fighting corruption […] You really have to do something, because time does not stop. Somewhere along the line, our voices has to be heard. Who we are in this world, has to be seen and has to matter […] Music is a language that taps into religion, into faith, into togetherness, into unity.”


Published on Jul 10, 2015

Through her music and powerful vocals, Mer speaks about the South Sudanese independence that never was… but a spirit to keep hope alive through raising people’s voices. “We have to question the ideologies in place if they are not getting us what we need” she says.

Mer Anyang is s singer-songwriter from South Sudan. With her songs, Mer Ayang calls on young people to take part in building their new nation.

“Life is not about partying and just being home finally. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done and we have to feel responsible for this.”

Mer’s experiences at home and overseas have helped to shape her music. But most of all, she has her father in mind. He was a freedom fighter who died exactly one year before independence on July 9, 2011.

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It’s not about my hair
It’s not about my height
It’s not about my colour
Not about it all…

It’s not about my tribe
It’s not about my cows
Not about it all…

Because I’ve got lines,
I’ve got dots, I’ve got marks on my face
Darling, please don’t you see, I’m a Southern Sudanese!

I am Southern Sudanese by Mer Anyang