Tarhyang Tabe

Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe is a trained Journalist and Development Communicator with over 20
years of practical experience.
The former Station Manager of Eden Radio, Editor of Eden Newspaper and Editor of The Sun
Newspaper is presently the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of The Advocate Newspaper,
Cameroons Pioneer Media Organ for the Civil Society and For the Civil Society with focus on the
Sustainable Development Goals.
He is also the National President of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, a
certified Trainer of Trainers of Human Rights Reporting, Peace and Conflict Transformation and
leader of the United Nations Human Rights Reporters Network For Central Africa.
With the Anglophone Crisis and Elections Wahala in Cameroon, Tarhyang has been involved in a
series of trainings in the domain of Hate Speech and detecting as well as reporting Hate Speech
and dangerous Language.
He is a certified trainer on Anti Hate Speech responses, and effective elections reporting in
conflict and unfriendly environments for journalists.
A recent training organized by ADISI and OSIWA earned him a certified fact checker status
which gave him the upper hand to be recruited as a Resident Consultant with The United
Nations Center For Human Rights and Democracy For Central Africa.
His works on Hate Speech also pushed him to be part of a training organized by UNESCO and
Defy Hate.
Tarhyang has also served on a Dangerous Speech Detecting and Reporting mission under
Internet Sans Frontiers’ No Bad Mop Project for a period of three months with far reaching
Recently he has been into a lot of campaigns on Protecting and Ensuring that Digital Rights are
Tarhyang and his Association, The Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, through the
support of Access Now, produced the first ever Documentary on Africa’s Longest Internet Shut
Down, known as Blacked Out.
Blacked Out has been viewed and previewed in over six different countries and has always had
a space in International Digital Rights Conferences such as Rights.cons
Tarhyang is also a member of the Ensemble Cameroun Digital Rights Movement and member of
the Cameroon Digital Rights Coalition.
With Technical Expertise thanks to support from Internews, Tarhyang has fronted a series of
Digital Rights Projects and Online Campaigns.
His recent interest in the domains of Sustainable Development Goals and Humanitarian
Reporting earned him a series of certifications from the United Nations OCHA and The United
Nations Development Programme.