#defyhatenow workshops & events 2018

30th December2018 Approaching the End of the Year 2018 WE ARE VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that DEFY the Film has received 5 awards at the Juba Film Festival this year.

Refugee rights Information session with South Sudan Urban refugees in Nairobi, Kenya.

9th November 2018 – The Critical Capacity Building Training II at Hotel Delambiance
Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (CECI) conducting a workshop on the Critical Capacity Building Training II on Hate Speech Mitigation.

7th November 2018 – #Defyhatenow in a photoshoot with South Sudan Dance crew before recording “ThinkB4uClick” dance

27th October 2018 Field Guide Training – #Nyumanzi Refugees settlement

23rd October 2018, Nairobi Kenya

A visit to the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Germany.
Our two youth advocates had a nice time meeting with the South Sudanese Ambassador to Germany Hon. Beatrice Khamisa Wani Noah.

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018

Reception and discussion on digital Peacebuilding in South Sudan, Berlin,Germany

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018 from 5pm to 7 pm

We are happy to train 45 south Sudanese who formed the school peace club, Ofua Secondary School,Uganda,
22nd October 2018

Girl Child Day celebration in Bor
11th October


Unify peace song radio talk show in Juba
16th October 2018

A workshop in Uganda, Ayilo Refugee Settlement on how to combat hate speech and discouraging dangerous speech like MTN, NyamNyam etc.
14th October 2018

At Darling Wisdom Primary and Secondary school, our partner Youth for Youth Initiative (Y4YI) conducted discussions on gender based hate speeches, girl empowerment, cultural contexts and stages of adolescence.
11 October 2018

Our partner @Platform Africa is conducting a social media training as part of our SSD Diaspora Students Outreach week, today they’re meeting South Sudanese students at the Nile Institute of management studies Arua, Uganda

11 October 2018

#Defyhatenow team collaboration with UNMISS are in Yambio, Western Equatoria training Peace-builders on hate speech and its consequence impact.
9th October 2018

#Defyhatenow is at Anataban #Gumna compaign launch at #Pawa254 in Nairobi where South Sudanese Artist will be performing. #Right2peace, #Anataban, #Gumna, #SouthSudan. #Peace4All.
6th October 2018

#Defyhatenow in collaborations with UN Human Rights Division and South Sudan Council of Churches, concluded a two day workshop on hate speech mitigation and human Rights In Malakal Upper Nile.
27th September 2018

#defyhatenow Women empowerment training in Nairobi
27th October 2018

Friday, 21st September 2018 A panel discussion in Nairobi with introduction of #Defyhatenow and other partners. #PeaceJam18, #Right2peace, #Diaspora4Peace, #SouthSudan.

Friday, 21st September 2018 Live broadcast from the #PeaceJam18 Concert happening now in Rhino Camp!
#defyhatenow #right2peace #PeaceDay

Friday, 21st September 2018 #InternationaldayofPeace an annual celebration with the aims to commemorate and strengthen ideals of peace across the globe. #PeaceJam18 and let’s #defyhatenow to gain #Peace4All

Friday, 21st September 2018 #defyhatenow in Juba later at Peace Tree, Gurei to jam for Peace. #PeaceJam18, #Right2Peace, #PeaceDay, #Peace4All, #SouthSudan.

Friday, 21st September 2018 Field Guide training going on in Nairobi. #PeaceJam18, #Right2peace, #Peace4All.

Firday 24th August 2018, Training on hate speech mitigation and peace building under the theme “Engaging the youth in hate speech mitigation and peace building”, Jabara Agricultural and Vocational Institute, Koboko, Uganda.

Firday 24th August 2018, Public Lecture on Mitigation of hate speech on social media, the American Corner in Juba University.

 Thursday 23rd August 2018, Digital media training for Journalists, Juba, South Sudan.

 Saturday 18th August 2018, South Sudanese Cultural day organized by Power in Unity to Save Humanity (P.U.S.H), Nairobi, Kenya .

 Monday 13th August 2018, Our team in Yei organized a hate speech awareness session for secondary school students and teachers in Yei, South Sudan

 Monday 13th August 2018, our partner Youth Empworment Foundation  #YEF organized a one day activity with Grace Children Home to restore hope and peace of mind.

 Sunday 12th August 2018, International Youth Day.

 Monday 6th August 2018,Internal team training on #defyhatenow Social Media Hate Speech Field Guide. Nairobi, Kenya

 Saturday  4th August 2018, Ongoing recording of peace messages for our upcoming #HateFreeSouthSudan campaign.

 Saturday  4th August 2018, We had an open day in our Nairobi office. Our team welcomed a group of South Sudanese diaspora youth leaders to discuss hate speech mitigation and how to make peace happen among the various South Sudanese communities.


3rd August 2018, #defyhatenow and YALI Alumni hled an open forum on Hate Speech mitigation, discussing  how Social Media is becoming a tool for national disunity in South Sudan . 

Tuesday  7th August 2018, our partner Youth for Peace and Development (YPD)  conducted a training on Hate Speech Mitigation for local civil society organizations in Rumbek, Western Lakes State, South Sudan.

Saturday 28th July, our partner Youth Empowerment Foundation #YEF held an inter school debate in Dzipi sub county, Adjumani district. The theme, of the debate was trying to answer the question “what role does social media play in promoting peace?”

31st July 2018, our partner YOUTH SOCIAL ADVOCACY TEAM (YSAT) conducted an intercultural dialogue for South Sudanese refugees living in Rhino Camp, Northern Uganda. The event gathered together community / cultural leaders, church representatives and  youth groups


21st July 2018, GoGirls initiative held three hours training with University Students on how to Respond to Cyberbullying online. The activity was to make students think about ways to respond to cyber-bullying. What is the correct course of action?

21st July 2018, Boroli refugee settlement, Adjumani district, Uganda. Our team trained 20 local community leaders on strategies for active community participation in hate speech mitigation, the training was facilitated by our partner organization Youths Empowerment Foundation-YEF

18th July 2018,  Training on Hate speech mitigation in Day Star secondary school in Koboko,Uganda. 

16th July, 2018,  #Defyhatenow– in Partnership with #YEF conducted one day workshop on hate speech mitigation and introduction of the Field Guide to the participants in pagirinya Refugee Settlement; Under the theme:”Building a Peaceful Community is a Collective Responsibility”

10th July 2018, #Defyhatenow – Capacity building training for community leaders ,CBOs and CSOs in Koboko, Uganda.

9th July 2018, Our training team finalized a two-day Social Media & Hate Speech Mitigation Training training in Khartoum, Sudan in partnership with Andariya – أندريا

8th and 9th of July 2018 Training on Social Media and Hate Speech Mitigation. #defyhatenow carried out a project in the framework of its mission and values for the mitigation of hate speech on social media with a focus on South Sudan.  The sessions /activities were designed to help individuals and organizations working in the space of peacebuilding, civic engagement, conflict resolution and diaspora/refugees South Sudanese community engagement gain a better understanding of the hate speech and how it can be mitigated in South Sudan.

This training was organized in collaboration withAndariya – أندريا magazine (www.andariya.com)
Video by Suliman Fadlallah

5th July, 2018,  Sucessfuly completed  a two day Training of Trainers (TOT) on “Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide. Juba, South Sudan 

2 July 2018 , #defyhatenow officially launched Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide in Juba, South Sudan. 

22nd June 2018,  Part 2 ,One day workshop focused on sharing experiences  between South Sudanese and Kenyan citizens. In partnership with Power in Unity To Save Humanity(PUSH)

20th June 2018, #Defy Drama, organized at Kiryandongo refugee settlement in Uganda to commemorate World Refugee Day

19th June 2018, Our team in Cairo conducted a two days forum on social media and the Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation. 

11 June 2018, Evaluating Hate-speech posts and comments, a workshop organized by GoGirls ICT Initiative.  Juba University, Juba South Sudan.

9th June 2018, Hate speech mitigation training at Pagrinya Progressive Secondary School at Pagrinya Refugee settlement in Adjumani district. 

1st June 2018,  Social media training for students in Yei, South Sudan. 

8th June 2018, Consultative visit to Pagirinya camp, the biggest camp in Adjumani district, located 3km away from Elegu & Nimule border”. 

5th June 2018, World Environment Day 

30th May 2018, #Defyhatenow community outreach to South Sudanese in  Juja area of Nairobi. 

9th June 2018, #defyhatenow social media forum in Bor, Jonglei State.

15th June 2018, One day workshop focused on sharing experiences  between South Sudanese and Kenyan citizens. In partnership with Power in Unity To Save Humanity(PUSH)  

7th-9th May 2018: The 3-day-training with youth focused on how to identify hate speech or ideologies, the critical line between freedom of expression and hate speech as well as how hate speech can be countered through social media.

3rd May 2018: World Press Freedom Day. Defyhatenow and Yali Network In East Africa (Nairobi) had an event at the American Corner in Nairobi.

30th April 2018: Screening of DEFY – the film during the movie night at Oasis restaurant in Arua, Uganda.

30th April 2018: Arua, Uganda Training on the role of inter-community discussions and exchanges of cultural experiences as a means of creating awareness on prejudice, stereotypes and cultural biases that exist within the South Sudanese society.

29th April 2018: The Screening of DEFY – the Film in Ofua, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.

29th April 2018: Training on Social Media and Hatespeech mitigation, Kampala Uganda

27th April 2018: Training on hate speech mitigation with Journalists concluded with discussions on digital journalism, fact-checking and DEFY-the film screening

27th April 2018: Community Dialogue on Hatespeech Mitigation in Ofua III Luruja Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement

27th April 2018:Theme: Be the Change in your Community for Peace Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF).

23rd April 2018: Youth Transformation Conference Nairobi Kenya

25th April 2018: Our partner org Andariya – أندريا hosted a meetup with a group of South Sudanese diaspora community in Khartoum, Sudan.

The event commenced with a screening of DEFY – the film followed by a discussion centered on how hate speech and fake news impacts the society

24th April 2018: #defyhatenow‘s #SouthSudan team leader Marina Modi speaks about the line between freedom of expression and hate speech in conflict and post-conflict context.

19th April 2018: 15 Days school Activism against hate speech, misinformation, rumors, and fake news, a part of #defyhatenow’s #ThinkB4UClick awareness programme.

17th April  2018: Gender and advocacy meet up for girls in Ariwa Primary School, Rhino refugee settlement, Uganda. This activity was conducted by Amuna Vivian from our partner organization, Youth Social Advocacy team

16th April to 1st May 2018:  Hate speech awareness campaign for high school students in Juba, South Sudan. This activity is conducted by Junub Open Space as part of #defyhatenow #ThinkB4UClick campaign.

14th April 2018: Mentorship program on career guidance for Secondary school students in Juba, South Sudan, time management and responsible use of Social Media. This activity was  facilitated by GoGirls ICT in collaboration with #defyhatenow

13th April 2018:  Refugee leaders workshop on hate speech mitigation and the relationship between online hate and offline violence. Conducted by Youth Social Advocacy Team in Rhino Camp refugee settlement, Aura Uganda.

28th and 29th of March: Training on theatre for peace and development workshop in Bweyale, Kiryandongo refugee settlement, Uganda.

23rd of March: DEFY – the film screening and discussion with the diaspora in Nairobi, Kenya

21st of March 2018: Poetry for self expression in Bor, South Sudan. School children from Jonglei State using words to find peace.

17th of March 2018: DEFY – the film screening and discussion in Khartoum, Sudan

15th of March 2018: 2nd DEFY – the film screening and discussion in Juba, South Sudan

13th of March 2018: Women’s Day Meetup – Making Use of our Time Online & Offline, College of Computer Science, University of Juba, South Sudan

8th of March 2018: International Women’s Day celebration in Adjumani, Uganda

8th of March 2018: International Women’s Day celebration in Rhino Camp, Uganda

1st of March 2018: Premiere of the short film DEFY at Logali House in Juba, South Sudan

#defyhatenow workshops & events 2017

26th-28th of December 2017: #defyhatenow17 video & salaam song launch in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, Ocean Zone


20th December 2017: #defyhatenow Nairobi Diaspora meetup – an evening talk with Bishop Eliabla Lako


17th December 2017: #defyhatenow social media workshop by YEF  in the Adjumani refugee settlement, Uganda


11th December 2017: #defyhatenow END OF YEAR EVENT  2017, Women’s Union Hai Neem (behind Equatoria Tower), Juba, South Sudan


10th December 2017: #defyhatenow Kibera messenger event, Nairobi Kenya


8th December 2017: Final event for the Climax of the 16 Days of Activism in the Rhino Camp settlement , Uganda


27th November 2017: Women leaders (RWC, Church, Cultural) training on Trauma Healing, Peace Building and Counteracting Hate Speech in the Rhino Camp settlement at the Ocea YSAT office, Uganda


24th November 2017: Social Media Training : effective use of social media for promoting harmony and peace among communities at the Impact Hub Khartoum, Sudan


23rd November 2017: participation at the launch of ’16 days activism against Sexual Gender based violence’ Rhino Camp (Uganda) at Ofua lll  Zone with our partner YSAT.


21th November 2017: PeaceTech Lab training with correspondents (TOT) of different institutions and initiatives at the CE Womens Union in Juba


20th November 2017: PeaceTech Lab training of the University of Juba Students at the CE Womens Union in Juba


18th November 2017:#defyhatenow event in Bor – Dinka language spelling competition with the aim of bringing youths together to create cohesion and discuss matters related to peaceful coexistence.


16th November 2017: #defyhatenow ‘Exploring the potential of social media to enhance peaceful youth activism’- Workshop & Open mic discussion with peacemakers @ Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School in Bweyale  (Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement)


15th November 2017: #defyhatenow internal team workshop on the ‘FIELD GUIDE’ at the CE Womens Union in Juba

IMG_7523 copy

7th November 2017: Diaspora Meetup Nairobi on the topic of on critical thinking and reading culture – during the launch of the third collection of poems by Akol Miyen Kuol.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 07.33.53

6th – 8th November 2017: Wikipedia Sprint with the University of Juba students on the Wunlit conference at the CE Womens Union in Juba


3rd November 2017: #defyhatenow internal team workshop on the ‘FIELD GUIDE’ at the CE Womens Union in Juba


31st October & 2nd November 2017: Wikipedia Sprint research preparations  of the University of Juba students with Dr. Lorins on the Wunlit conference at the CE Womens Union in Juba


20st October 2017:  peace ambassador training & peace concert by Freeboy in the Rhino Settlement Ocea A


21st September 2017:  Social Media #Peacejam17   UN WORLD PEACE DAY

KEEP (1)

11th September 2017: Peace Mobilizers Event, Juba South Sudan

#defyhatenow reaches out to the community in their own vicinity. Comedians and actors engaging people in discussions on online and offline hatespeech traveling from various locations using the bus around Jubek State. The bus picked up people commuting along busy routes like Gudele -Custom, Custom -Juba, Juba – Custom and Custom- Gudele/Munuki.


31th August 2017: An evening with #defyhatenow & # South Sudanese Diaspora Talks


25th& 26th August 2017 : Policy Makers Workshop, Juba, South Sudan

Comparative checks from countries within the region and interactive discussion among policy makers to draw guidelines for regulating hate speech in South Sudan. The workshop was attended by about 25 participants from different  professions in South Sudan, ranging from law makers, activists, media professionals, parliamentarians .. etc


Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 15.37.31

29th July  2017
: Spelling Bee competition, Bor , South Sudan
Theme: Spelling for peace


July 27-28th 2017 : Bloggers workshop, Nairobi

#defyhatenow seeks to support those voices acting against the conflict to go ‘viral’ within and outside the country – bringing the South Sudanese diaspora into the online peace building framework, bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.

defyhatenow bloggers

July 13th 2017 : ‘Wikisprint’ presentation by Viola Abango in the r0g_ agency Berlin office after a two week ‘Wikimedia workshop’ thanks to the support of the Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.


July 3rd-5th 2017 : highschool student workhsop Berlin (Germany) – Arua (Ugnada) : ‘meeting the other’

This Projekt Days exchange – Meeting the Other – is organised as part of #defyhatenow, a project to help battle social media hate speech – and how this affects conflict in South Sudan. Moderated by the CDC peacebuilders and activists the internet conference calls was produced collaboratively by the students, resulting in a series of unique intercultural dialogues … perhaps as a podcast, or other formsof reporting. The students aimed to explore both what peacebuilding means and understanding the binds that tie youth across the planet.


June 26th 2017 : Student Workshop,  Vine High School, Bor South Sudan

distributing sign post messages in two schools in Bor town, Jonglei State

Say No to Hate Speech #defyhatenow BOR

June 15th & 16th 2017 : Radio Producer Workshop, Juba South Sudandhn_15June2017_RadioProducersWS-02-_JUBA_ContdeMonk.jpg

The event aims to engage South Sudanese Radio producers and journalists to develop a concrete action plan on countering the online incitement to violence. #defyhatenow #SouthSudan #thinkb4uclick

June 15th 2017: #defyhatenow & CDC Rhino Talks, Arua Uganda

Rhino Talks, Uganda

Rhino Talks, Uganda

RhinoTalks happening at 2:00 PM in Arua, UG. we’ll be discussing on hate speech and the diaspora communities: How can we better understand / mitigate it?

June 14th 2017: “An evening with #defyhatenow# South Sudanese Diaspora Talks, Hub East Africa, Nairobi Kenya


June 11-17th: #Kicking4Peace Kids Soccer Tournament, Bor South Sudan


June 10th 2017: #VOICEPEACE Concert, Juba South Sudan

#VoicePeace Concert, Juba

#VoicePeace Concert, Juba

#VOICEPEACE concert brings together youth from the different communities of South Sudan by providing them with the platform to use their voices to send peace messages to the rest of South Sudan. The event features some of the best South Sudanese talents in drama, poems, music, and comedy. Utilizing the Power of Our Voice to achieve Peace.

May 27th: Nairobi Diaspora Meet-up

This meeting aimed at converging some of the South Sudanese who are interested in or are in the technology profession. Kenya has a large South Sudanese diaspora community, the majority of which are students who are pursuing different course in Kenyan Universities and Colleges.


May 10th 2017 : re:publica Berlin @ 10.30 – 11.00 (Stage 2) What´s love (got to do with this)? – Fireside Chat about #LOL instead of hating in silence

May 8th 2017 : re:publica Berlin @ 19.45 – 20.45 (Stage 2) Social Media and Conflict: How to mitigate online hate speech that fuels violence?

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 06.12.20

4th May 2017: Panel discussion: German Ambassador to South Sudan, Johannes Lehne & #defyhatenow Social Media manager Nelson Kwaje, r0g_agency Berlin


2nd May 2107: #defyhatenow & UNESCO Roundtable Countering Hate Speech for Peace in South Sudan,World Press Freedom Day – Juba South Sudan


April 9th 2107: Peace4ALL Video Launch – Rhino Camp Uganda & Juba South Sudan



April 7th 2107: Drama Workshop Highschool Bor, South Sudan


#defyhatenow workshops & events 2016

#defyhatenow social media #peacejam Rhino Camp, Uganda 21st September 2016 Photo: Jaiksana

#defyhatenow social media #peacejam Rhino Camp, Uganda 21st September 2016 Photo: Jaiksana

15 &16th of December: Wikisprint for peace, Wau South Sudan

11-18th of December: peace village, @Rhino Camp/ Uganda
for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

9th of December: Policy Makers Workshop, Juba by CEPO South Sudan

8th of December: Laywers Workshop – article 19, Nairobi Kenya

1. & 2nd of December: Law Student workshop, Juba University South Sudan

23rd of November:  Radio Producers Workshop, Juba South Sudan
HATE SPEECH MITIGATION: SOCIAL MEDIA AND TRAUMA EFFECTS ON COMMUNITIES to train Journalists, Radio Producers, Newspaper, Website and Social Media Page Editors, Officials from across South Sudan

7. & 8.th November: ojoVoz for South Sudan workshop, Berlin with team Members from South Sudan and Germany

4th October: South Sudan Theatre Organisation, Juba One Girls Secondary School – Street Theatre for peacebuilding & social media awareness.

24th September: Basketball Tournament for Peace, Juba

21st September: Social Media #Peacejam UN World Peace Day – Events in Juba & Maban (South Sudan), Kibera & Nairobi (Kenya), Rhino Camp Uganda, Alberta Canada

29th August: Hacks/Hackers Debate & Forum on Hate Speech @ Nairobi Garage

20th August: Understanding Data & Social Media Analysis Workshop, Nairobi

17th August: CEPO 10 days of Peace Activism Roundtable Discussion, Juba

10th August: Nairobi Working Group, iHUB

3rd August: Nairobi Working Group, Pawa 254

23rd July: Diaspora Roundtable & Strategy Forum, Nairobi

5th July: CDC (Community Development Centre) Workshop, Yei

22nd June: Lawyers Workshop, Juba

16th June: Student Workshop, University of Juba

11th June: Journalists Workshop, Juba

28th May: Juba PoC3 Social Media Workshop



#defyhatenow what is hate speech?

Guidelines on responsible use of Social Media
#defyhatenow Social Media Code of Conduct

#defyhatenow journalist guidelines on reporting hate speech

Conflict Sensitive Social Media Reporting
#defyhatenow guidelines reporting hatespeech writingexcercise
#defyhatenow socialmedia conflict sensitive reporting excercise

#defyhatenow events 2015

r0g_agency for open culture #defyhatenow 2015

Theatre for Peacebuilding – 4th October 2016

The #defyhatenow team with the SSTO group stormed Juba one girls Secondary school this morning passing laughter with positive messages and raising awareness about the use of social Media.

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George

SSTO Street Theatre, Juba 4th Oct 2016 Photo: Hakim George