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Entoto Peace Walk to commemorate International Day of Peace

Date: 2023-10-01
Location: Entoto Park, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

On International Day of Peace, #defyhatenow Ethiopia proudly joined forces with Positive Peace Ethiopia (PPE) for the inspiring Entoto Peace Walk Project! This impactful event served as a platform to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of hate speech and empower young people to become advocates for peace in their communities.

Walking for Unity:

The scenic Entoto Park provided the perfect backdrop for a guided hike, emphasizing the beauty and serenity fostered by peace. Engaging group activities encouraged participants to connect with nature and reflect on the importance of peaceful coexistence.

Open Dialogue, Open Minds:

Thought-provoking discussions facilitated by both #defyhatenow Ethiopia and PPE representatives delved into crucial peace-related topics. Participants actively engaged in dialogue about conflict resolution, unity, and harnessing the power of social media for peace and tolerance. This exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives fostered a deeper understanding and commitment to building a more peaceful Ethiopia.

Combating Hate Speech, Building Inclusive Communities:

#defyhatenow Ethiopia took center stage to equip participants with valuable knowledge on recognizing and mitigating the harmful effects of hate speech. Interactive sessions provided practical strategies to counter hate speech online and offline, empowering individuals to create more inclusive and tolerant communities.

Launching the Entoto Peace Walk Project:

The official launch of this remarkable youth-led initiative by PPE marked a significant milestone. The Entoto Peace Walk Project signifies a unwavering commitment to sustaining positive peace in Ethiopia, inspiring participants to become active peacebuilders and agents of change.

Gathering Insights, Shaping the Future:

A comprehensive need assessment survey conducted during the event gathered valuable data to guide future efforts. This crucial feedback ensures that PPE’s initiatives directly address the community’s needs and concerns, maximizing their impact and effectiveness.

A Ripple Effect of Empowerment:

The Entoto Peace Walk Project left an indelible mark on the participants. Over 20 individuals gained valuable knowledge and were inspired to take concrete actions for peace in their communities. The enthusiasm for future workshops and events on hate speech and fact-checking demonstrates a powerful ripple effect of positive change taking root.

Join the Movement!

#defyhatenow Ethiopia stands together with Positive Peace Ethiopia in their unwavering commitment to building a more peaceful and equitable Ethiopia. If you’re passionate about making a difference, join us in this crucial movement! Get involved with #defyhatenow Ethiopia and PPE’s impactful initiatives, and let’s collectively create a future where young people are empowered to be agents of peace and prosperity.

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