2022 Activity Overview

Despite Cameroon’s anglophone conflict, the #defyhatenow Cameroon
project reached out to communities in 2022 to educate and sensitize them
to hate speech online and offline. More than 60% of the 3,500 community
peace mobilizers, youth, and students trained directly in 2022 were women.
The initiative’s online platforms and partners reached over 600,000 people.

Consultancy opportunity: Data Analyst & Report Writer

The main objective of this engagement is to develop a comprehensive report on the dis and
misinformation landscape in South Sudan, considering both online and offline mediums.

The report will provide a detailed analysis of the current situation, identify key actors and sources of disinformation, assess the impact of disinformation on South Sudanese society, and propose
strategies to counter disinformation effectively.

Les réseaux sociaux : Un outil d’atténuation contre le discours de haine et la désinformation

#defyhatenow sera représenté lors de cette 2ème édition par Ngala-Desmond, Tchiengue-Donald et Mbong Vera qui partageront respectivement sur le rôle et l’impact des initiatives de lutte contre la #Désinformation et le #DiscoursDeHaine sur les médias sociaux, parler sur la compréhension des bases de l’intelligence économique dans un monde qui évolue rapidement et d’en parler sur ce que #deyhatenow fait dans sa contribution à la paix Cameroun.

Finance/Logistics Administrator, Ethiopia

We’re currently looking to fill the role of Finance/Logistics Administrator to be based in Addis- Ababa, Ethiopia, where we have an exciting project on mobilising civic and digital action to counter social media hate speech and online incitement to violence in Ethiopia

Official statement on the killing of the journalist & #AFFCameroon Fellow Anye Ndeh Nsoh

The #defyhatenow community is devastated by the killing of journalist Anye Ndeh Nsoh, an
#AFFCameroon (Africa Fact-checking Fellowship Cameroon) Alumnus on May7,2023 in
Bamenda; NorthWest Region, Cameroon. Anye was a cohort 7 #AFFCameroon Fellow and
a #Media4Peace relay in the NorthWest. He was shot dead by a group of separatist forces
at Che Street around 9pm.