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May 2024
May 26
26 May 2024
Nifas Silk Lafto, Woreda 3 Youth Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The festival aims to amplify marginalized voices and create an inclusive space by recognizing the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities and advocating for their inclusion, the event seeks to promote social cohesion and collective action.

April 2024
Apr 01
01 April 2024
Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia

Women Only - Invitation to Participate: Online and Semi-Offline Safe Spaces Aprill 1, - June 30, 2024 The Online and Semi-Offline Safe Spaces initiative provides a supportive environment for women, […]

March 2024
Mar 25
25 March 2024
Bahir dar, Bahir Dar, Amhara Ethiopia

Join us for the "Addressing Hate Speech in Amhara: Building Bridges through Dialogue" workshop in Bahir Dar, where we will equip participants with the skills to navigate and counteract hate speech, fostering a resilient community through enhanced dialogue and understanding.

Mar 09
09 March 2024
Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia

Join @defyhatenow_Ethiopia and @positive_peace_ethiopia for a transformative full-day workshop on online hate speech mitigation at Jimma University’s Institute of Technology Innovation Incubation Center. Let’s empower ourselves to foster a more […]

January 2024
Jan 18
18 January 2024
Aya Hotel, Addis, Ethiopia

On January 18 and 19, 2024, the Field Guide Sprint's Ethiopia Edition update engaged 60 participants (30 females, 30 males) in hate speech and violence mitigation with #defyhatenow

December 2023
Dec 30
30 December 2023

Women’s Mental Health, Resilience, and Trauma Healing Workshop in Addis Ababa! This event, a collaboration between #defyhatenow, Positive Peace Ethiopia and the SheLeads Initiative, addresses the critical issues of post-war […]

Dec 14
14 December 2023

Join us for our Digital Literacy and Online Security Webinar! Empowering women and women in grassroots initiatives with essential digital skills and online safety knowledge.  Dive into interactive sessions, expert […]

November 2023
Nov 15
15 November 2023
Ice Hawassa, Hawassa, Sidama Ethiopia

A workshop targeting university students, social media influencers, and local youth in Hawassa, Sidama Region, focused on countering hate speech and promoting peace.

October 2023
Oct 02
02 October 2023
Online, Addis ababa,

Promoting Peace Through Social Media: #defyhatenow Ethiopia and Youth Sounding Board Ethiopia Collaborate In the vibrant digital landscape of Ethiopia, where social media platforms connect people across diverse backgrounds, an […]

August 2023
Aug 23
23 August 2023
Adore Hotel, Addis Ababa,

The #defyhatenow needs assessment in Addis Ababa evaluated local dynamics to address hate speech, promote peace, and improve online safety, paving the way for targeted anti-discrimination initiatives. This data identified […]

Aug 19
19 August 2023
Dire Dawa, Dire Dawa,

Help navigate how to best adapt the approach, content, methodologies, and goals of the project Social media users in urban and rural Ethiopia, especially youth, women and marginalised groups/individuals counter […]

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