Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues Panel Discussion

On Saturday, September 23rd 2023 we will be hosting our first Diaspora Dialogues, an online panel discussion that will bring together experts to discuss the conflict and potential ways to support peacebuilding by enlisting the diaspora. Join us from 3pm – 5pm Berlin time to listen to talks and discuss different perspectives. The event is free and open to everyone.

Live online event: #PeaceJam2023

We have always marked the #peacejam on the 21st of September as part of the International Day of Peace celebrations, but starting this year, we will mark it on 18th of June in line with the International Day for Countering Hate Speech. The theme this year will be “ONLINE SAFE SPACES FOR DIGITAL SECURITY". Click on the link to register for the event.

Apply now: Fact-checking and verification masterclass for journalists

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting a two-day fact-checking and verification masterclass in Cameroon for journalists from 9am to 4pm on 22 -23 June 2023. Click on the link to apply. Registration ends on Thursday, 26th April

Apply now: Fact-checking masterclass for civil society organisations

Africa Check in collaboration with #defyhatenow is hosting a two-day fact-checking masterclass in Cameroon for civil society organisations that work in the fact- checking, media literacy and media education space. Click on the link to apply. Registration ends on Thursday, 26th April

Africa Fact Checking Fellowship – #AFFCameroon, Call for Applications – 8th Cohort

#defyhatenow Cameroon is initiating a call for applications for its eighth cohort of professionals from April to June 2023. The objective is to establish a critical mass of fact-checkers, right information advocates, online and offline hate speech, and digital rights defenders. Click on the link to apply.

Engaging Young Peacebuilders for a #HateFreeCameroon!

In February, #defyhatenow Cameroon participated in Youth Day activities, and engaged in community outreach activities in Yaoundé and Douala. Read more about our efforts.

National Symposium on Hate Speech and Violence in Cameroon

The Department of Sociology of the University of Yaoundé I in collaboration with Civic Watche, country implementation partner of the #defyhatenow initiative in Cameroon will host a major national symposium on countering hate speech and violence in Cameroon from 10th to 12th May, 2023

#defyhatenow 2021 Acivity Overview

Download the 2021 activity report from our website to see what we were up to.

Nous recrutons: Un Infographiste

#defyhatenow Cameroon recherche un infographiste expérimenté, passionné et créatif pour un poste à temps partiel (15 heures/semaine). Date limite de soumission : 6 janvier 2023

We Are Hiring: Creative Graphic Designer

#defyhatenow Cameroon is looking for an experienced, passionate, and creative graphic designer for a part-time (15 hours/week) freelance position. If this is you, we'd like to hear from you! Application deadline - 6 Jan 2023.

Launch of the #237footBERLIN Calendar 2023

Football, Peacebuilding, and Human Rights: An evening of discussion and reflection & Launch of the #237footBERLIN Calendar 2023. An initiative of #defyhatenow

#AFFCameroon Conference

Register here to book your spot

Field Guide Cameroon 2.0 Training

Equipping Peacebuilding Actors in the South West Region on Conflict Mitigation and Transformation

Reporting online harassment

How to report hate speech and online harassment on Twitter

Reporting online harassment

How to report hate speech and online harassment on Youtube

Reporting online harassment

How to report hate speech and online harassment on Instagram

Reporting online harassment

How to report hate speech and online harassment on Facebook

Poem by Nyangha Sandy

Poem written and performed live for #PeaceJam2022

Poem by Mumbi Poetry

Poem written and performed live for #PeaceJam2022


Find more information at

#PeaceJam2022 - Register now!

Join us from anywhere around the world for a live online event as we jam for peace!

Internet privacy

Check if your password have been hacked already!

No one is born to hate

Watch UNESCO's video to learn more about Hate Speech and the spread of mis- and disinformation.

Field Guide Cameroon

The Field Guide offers tools and strategies to be used by community-based organizations and individuals to work towards building peace in Cameroon.

Promoting Inter-religious, Intercultural Dialogue & Tolerance in Countering Hate Speech

Join #defyhatenow Cameroon’s round table discussion “Promoting Inter-religious, Intercultural Dialogue & Tolerance in Countering Hate Speech” on Saturday, 18th, 9 am GMT. Register now!

South Sudan: Journalist Workshop in Juba

In order to provide journalists with the relevant knowledge and tools Defyhatenow South Sudan is organizing workshops about fact-checking, cyber security, and the deadly impact health misinformation can have.

#defyhatenow Cameroon Field Guide Launch

“We used it in solving a lot of problems. And also in letting the people who were chosen as resources and problem-solvers use it, to educate other people in the community, [so that] they also become problem-solvers”. Romeo Lomora Ronald, from Platform Africa about the #defyhatenow Field Guide.

World Press Freedom Day 2022

Learn more about our collaboration with media professionals and activists.

#defyhatenow digital security training

Keep yourself safe, digitally! Become an expert in digital security.


For kids: NetSmartzKids has developed a game that teaches children up to the age of 10 how to stay safe on the Internet:

Digital Safetea

For adults & youth: Digital Safetea is an interactive game based on the fictitious stories of Goitse, Aisha and Dami. It helps you learn about digital safety issues through their stories.

Carole Leuwe on Fostering Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding

Carole Leuwe is a Cameroonian media consultant and an award-winning former radio reporter. We talked with her about how digital and online tools can be used to foster women’s participation in peacebuilding.

We are hiring

We are looking for an Administrative Finance Associate for the r0g_agency’s defyhatenow project in Cameroon.

World Backup Day

Think you are safe? Think again.

Facts&figures about cyberbullying worldwide

Get more facts&figures about cyberbullying worldwide.

Cyberbullying in South Sudan

Learn more about cyberbullying in South Sudan, what it causes and, what could be done to prevent it.

Safe Sisters

The Safe Sisters initiative has information available online to help us take simple and effective steps to greater online security. Go check it out!


For International Women's Day we asked African feminists and peacebuilders about what needs to change in order to bring about peace, the role of women in peacebuilding, and their own advocacy work.

“Women are essential to preventing conflicts and sustaining peace”

Meaza Gidey Gebremedhin is a feminist from Tigray advocating for the human rights of women and girls who are enduring unspeakable suffering and weaponized conflict-related sexual violence in the war-torn region of northern Ethiopia. Read here to learn more about her take on the significance of women's participation in peacebuilding and actions that need to be taken to promote women's rights

Hauwa Abdullahi: Standing for the Rights of Muslim Women

Hauwa Abdullahi is a gender activist in Cameroon. She is the founder of the Better Life Association for the Underprivileged (BLAFTU), an organization that protects and empowers women and fights against gender-based violence. Undeterred by threats she receives, she continues her activities and is convinced that “[the] future is bright for women and young girls, but we cannot stop fighting against gender-based violence.”

“Don’t let anyone intimidate you”

Interview with Caryn Dasah is the founder of Hope Advocate Africa, an organization that provides legal, social, and psycho-social services for women and young girls.

The war in Ukraine is also a war fueled by media distortion

Russia is deliberately using disinformation. Which information is reliable? How can you recognize fake videos and images? Deutsche Welle fact-checked five fakes of the war in Ukraine

BRUT: Deepfakes: Here's What You Need to Know

Manipulated media content has always existed. However, deepfake makes fact-checking more and more difficult - and the spread of disinformation more and more dangerous. Watch the video.

BRUT: Le deepfake, expliqué

La manipulation des contenus multimédias a toujours existé. Cependant de nos jours, le deepfake rend la vérification des faits de plus en plus difficile - et la prolifération de la désinformation de plus en plus dangereuse. Regardez la vidéo.


All this week our #defyhatenow team in Cameroon has been raising awareness about violence prevention and ways to promote peace with students in Yaoundé. More information about the #PenNotGun campaign can be found at:

Safer Internet Day

Find out how you can contribute to creating a better internet in your country, today and every day.

Cameroon: Impact of Social Media

Listen to "The impact of Social Media in Cameroon " to learn about how disinformation and misinformation effects education, what to do if you are harassed online, and why you should always think before you share information online.

TV5 Monde Afrique: Information and disinformation in Cameroon

Here is a film (in French) about the consequences that false information can have on migrants and about those who are fighting against mis- and disinformation in Cameroon.

The Need for Comprehensive Digital Rights Laws in South Sudan

It's been almost a year since we published "The Need for Comprehensive Digital Rights Laws in South Sudan." Unfortunately, the brief on the legal framework for digital rights in East Africa, with a particular focus on South Sudan, has still not been adopted. At least 16 countries need to ratify it before it can come into force. So far, 10 countries have done so.

Your photo fate

Once you have sent an image, it's out of your hands. You can never truly take it back. Don’t let others decide what happens to your image. #ThinkBeforeYouShare!

Keep Children Safe!

Due to Covid lockdowns, we are all spending more time on social media than before the pandemic - including children and youth. That increases the danger of cyberbullying.

Keep yourself safe, digitally!

Become an expert in digital security by taking the #defyhatenow digital security training. Learn about simple yet effective steps to increase your digital privacy and security. Start the training today

End-of-the-year-tip for social-media-users

Here is our end-of-the-year-tip: whenever you see any image online, think about the Five Pillars of Visual Verifications.

End-of-the-year-tip for content creators

The First Draft Toolbox, where you find a lot of interesting links which help you to verify content.

End-of-the-year-tip for #defyhatenow trainers

The organization Beautiful Trouble has put together a toolkit with 11 modules for Nonviolent Action Trainers & Facilitators.

An interview with Kendi Gikunda, #defyhatenow Education Resources Lead

"We are ambitious" - It has been two years since #defyhatenow launched in Cameroon. Stephen Kovats, co-initiator of #defyhatenow, and Kendi Gikunda, our Field Guide Resources Lead based in Nairobi, Kenya, just wrapped up her trip to Yaoundé and Douala.

#ThinkB4UClick Spoken Word by Mac Alunge by #defyhatenow

This spoken word video by and with Mac Alunge (Straw Academy) produced for the #defyhatenow project Cameroon elaborates on the topic of free speech, hate speech and incitement to violence.