Our Thematic Focus

Media and Information Literacy

All facets of life have changed significantly as a result of the rapid expansion of digital media; institutions in every nation are working hard to determine how to effectively adapt to these changes and maximize the benefits of social media. Our capacity-building initiatives enable individuals and organizations to develop skills in social media for impact, digital media, campaigns, social movements, and the prevention of hate speech and disinformation. We develop digital media training for stakeholders, including governments, civil society, and journalists, based on observed needs.

Digital rights and Cyber Safety

Since the introduction of the internet and later social media platforms, people have shared both private and public information online.In the long run, this information creates a virtual existence of individuals and communities that are linked to their offline selves yet operate largely autonomously online.The majority of the rights granted to people offline might not extend online, which poses a significant difficulty. Our initiatives aim to safeguard users’ online personas and ensure safer online interactions for a society that embraces technology. The team manages a cyber safety incident response desk and regularly educates the public on safer use of digital spaces. Read More: SafetyComm

Hate Speech mitigation

Our peacebuilding focuses on training local actors to take actions that aim at mitigating incitement to violence and identity-related conflict in their communities at the national level. For over three years, taking on both direct and indirect actions undertaken to reduce the amount, frequency, and impact of hate speech on online and offline communities. Our team has vast and diverse experiences in conflict analysis, tech 4peace, dialogue, and prejudice awareness and reduction. #defyhatenow has conducted peacebuilding programs to mitigate conflict in South Sudan, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Fact checking and Information verification 

On a local, a national, and an international level, the propagation of false information and disinformation can have a negative impact on communities. The battle against false information has been witnessed first-hand by our fact-checking staff. We both verify facts and provide fact-checking training to bloggers and journalists. In order to combat online hate speech and disinformation, our flagship 211 Check actively validates information and runs  regular fellowship programs that mentor select community members.

Read more: 211 Check

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