A #PeaceJam is an informal community oriented peacebuilding event, process, or activity where people – youth, cultural actors and anyone interested in peace and cultural dialogue – get together to share their ideas, visions and hopes for the future – and to make new friends and connections.

To “jam” for peace is to improvise peacebuilding without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, but to develop new ideas and ways of doing things spontaneously with the energy coming from the creative interaction of the participants.

Over the years , we as #defyhatenow have organised and participated in the International Day of Peace on 21st Sept and since 2023 on 18th June through #PeaceJam.


#InclusivePeace: Strengthening Ability in Peacebuilding

June 18, 2024.   14:00Hrs – 16:00Hrs (GMT+1)

Online Event

In conjunction with the United Nations International Day for Countering Hate Speech, June 18th, the #defyhatenow #PeaceJam will amplify the the voices of individuals and communities traditionally excluded from peacebuilding conversations. The aim is to recognise the disproportionate burden of conflict and hate speech borne by marginalised groups and advocate for their inclusion in finding solutions.

eacejam Anouncement. Happening on June 18 th 2024, on the theme of #InclusivePeace: Strengthening #ABILITY in Peacebuilding
#peacejam2023 campaign banner with text "Online safe spaces for digital security"


International Day of Countering Hate Speech

Online Safe Spaces For Digital Security

June 18, 2023.   14:00Hrs – 16:00Hrs (GMT+1)

Online Event

As we explore online safe spaces influencing digital security, some points of discussion will be:

  1. Potential for echo chambers, misinformation/disinformation and malformation.
  2. Promoting privacy and personal information
  3. Empowering marginalized communities and vulnerable groups


#defyhatenow’s theme for the UN International Day of Peace happening on Sept 21st, 2022, is:

How Does Racism Affect Response To Conflict And Peace-Building?

The Jam will be hosted online. The broader #defyhatenow topic we hope to understand is; Why is it difficult to talk about racism? We are joining the United Nations in standing up against acts of hate online and offline, supporting the global calls for peace, and jamming with people from all over to look at new ways to end violent conflict.

#peacejam2022 banner titled "How does racism affect the response to conflict and peace building"
#peacejam2021 poster showing how to participate


We invite you to jam for peace with us from wherever you are in the world, engage us in our various conversations through social media. And remember to join us on the 21st September 2021 in a live online session.

Planned activities including days leading to and during the event are:

  1. Pre-campaign: “let’s jam for peace together”. This campaign, will take place before the main event, participants from around the world will join us by uploading photos online where they will share symbols, pictures, or images that are representative of peace to them personally or culturally. We will also assist you create your #peacejam frame, send us your photo at [email protected] or download the frame here to do it yourself.
  2. Thematic moderated discussions – We have two discussions this year;
    • Recovering after displacement – A chat with refugees and IDPs on their role in conflict transformation,
    • Role of Diaspora in Conflict Mitigation and Transformation. 
  3. Open Mic sessions
  4. Music
  5. Keynote address
  6. Question and answer
  7. Slam poetry
  8. Networking
Hashtags: #PeaceDay #Act4Peace #Peacejam2021 #Media4Peace #defyhatenow #DiasporaDialogue #StandWithRefugees


The project, sought to redress the status quo and attain its goals through a series of activities that took place in a period of 3 hours in an online interactive session on the event of #defyhatenow Peace jam 2020 on the 21st of September 2020: International Peace Day, themed, ‘Shaping Peace together’. Planned activities included activities on the days leading to and after the event.

  1. Pre-campaign: “painting a global picture of peace together”.
  2. Open Mic
  3. Games (Real time illustration)
  4. Music
  5. Keynote address
  6. Question and answer
  7. Slam poetry
  8. Open discussions
  9. Networking

Tags: #defyhatenow, #peaceday2020, #shapingPeaceTogether, #UN75

#peaceJam2018 poster


#defyhatenow #Peace4All #Right2Peace #PeaceDay #SouthSudan

While #peacejamming, participants were to actively look for; link to; comment on and share / retweet any other South Sudan related peace, unity, cultural, artistic or positive development stories, organisations (grassroots, local, literacy/education, youth, women’s, diaspora groups etc) or online peacebuilding and social media civil society / activism campaigns with hashtags #defyhatenow and #PeaceJam18 to help raise visibility and gain an overview of the South Sudanese peacebuilding activities and context online.

Activities that culminated the #defyhatenow #peacejam18 online and offline were;

  1. Nairobi Kenya: Right to Peace, World #PeaceDay Event
  2. Field Guide training – “How to Identify and Report Hate Speech & Ethical Reporting and Citizen Journalism”
  3. South Sudanese Women Training – “Women in leadership & peace building”
  4. Rhino Camp Uganda: #PeaceJam Concert
  5. Rhino Camp Uganda: YSAT #PeaceJam Event
  6. Adjumani, Uganda: Live Stage Drama
  7. Bweyale Kiryandongo, Uganda: A football game between #teamdefyhatenow and #teamwhitaker
  8. Yirol – South Sudan by YPD
  9. Juba, South Sudan;Gurei peace tree celebration
  10. Juba, South Sudan: PoC Youth event
  11. Juba, South Sudan, Go Girls #Safespaces4learningathome
  12. In other locations included: Khartoum, Sudan: Andariya, Bor, South Sudan, Kibera Nairobi, Koboko Uganda and Yei South Sudan communities and individuals joined the #PeaceJam18 online by sharing content, sharing real-time videos, holding workshops and performing street theatre for the mitigation of hate speech online and offline.


#defyhatenow social media #peacejam17 presents events in Juba, Bor & Torit in South Sudan; Nairobi, Kenya; Arua, Uganda; Edmonton, Canada & online.
In conjunction with UN Day of Peace today, September 21st, the #defyhatenow initiative against online incitement to violence in South Sudan is holding a social media #PeaceJam17. Join us and take part in One Billion acts of Peace today.

Events are taking place all day both online and live in numerous locations in South Sudan, as well as globally including Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Canada, and Japan.



#PEACEJAMJUBA Nimera Talata Basketball Court

#PEACEJAMNAIROBI: Arts reflecting on Cultural diversity in South Sudan

#PEACEJAMEDMONTON South Sudan Development Foundation, Canada

#Peacejam17 #Torit #SouthSudan #PEACEJAMTORIT

#PEACEJAMRHINOCAMP: Yoro playground in Rhino Camp will be the central event location.

#peaceJam2017 call to action poster


#peacejam in Juba, Nairobi, Uganda, Canada & online 21st Sept 2016

Events took place with #defyhatenow partners in Juba, Wau & Maban (South Sudan); Nairobi & Kibera (Kenya); Rhino Camp in Uganda, Edmonton Canada; and globally online.

Hashtags #PeaceJam #defyhatenow #SouthSudan #PeaceVillage #SautiKubwa #Uganda& #PeaceDay

Selected events include traditional youth dance, street theatre and workshop in Juba; The Rhino Camp #PeaceJam (Arua, Northern Region, Uganda) which aims to reconnect south Sudanese Refugees in Uganda through an open interaction and workshop based event. Following the recent escalation of violence in south sudan majoring in towns like Yei, Wau and Yambio of the former western Equatoria state there has been an increasing rate of refugee influx to Uganda, South Sudan’s neighboring country; Diaspora meeting to #peacejam in Edmonton, Canada; Social media awareness and peace message workshop at The Hub, East Africa in Nairobi.


UN International Day of Peace Monday 21st September 2015

#defyhatenow #PeaceDay #JubaPeaceJam

On UN International Day of Peace, the #defyhatenow initiative by r0g_agency, brought together community groups, activists and peacebuilders at the Intra-Africa hotel in Juba for a social media “peacejam”.

#jubapeacejam was an invitation to actively make South Sudan’s voice heard above the rhetoric of hate, violence and intolerance. Celebrating unity and independence, together we can take a stand against the forces ripping communities, friends, families and cultures apart.

Where social media has increasingly been a place used to stoke the flames of conflict, setting neighbours against one another, #jubapeacejam brings the builders of peace, dialogue and South Sudan’s unique, rich cultural diversity together.

Some thirty activists gathered for this first ever ‘social media peace jam’, including participants from peacebuilding organisations and projects such as Sawa Shabab, FreeVoice, Vistas / USAID, CNHPR, Internews, as well as IDP children from the Confident Children Out of Conflict (CCC) programme.

Celebrating and amplifying cultural diversity, #jubapeacejam facilitates open dialogue among cultures – using the power of social media to #defyhatenow

#jubapeacejam works across as many channels and platforms as possible to bring online groups together, create slogans, exchange information, ideas and create new communities.

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