Empowering Fact-checking in South Sudan (EFiSS) Training – Cohort 3

Empowering Fact-checking in South Sudan (EFiSS) Training - Cohort 3

#defyhatenow South Sudan through its 211 Check project is inviting interested journalists, academics, and civil society representatives to apply to join the third cohort of its three-month virtual Empowering Fact-Checking in South Sudan (EFiSS) training.

For more information, read the concept note:

If selected, you will gain knowledge and skills used by professional fact-checkers and help start a fact-checking community in your area or workplace.  

Applicants from across South Sudan and beyond are welcome to apply.

The overarching objective of this three-month training is to strengthen participant capacity on the promotion of veracity and accuracy of the information in the public domain in South Sudan.

The training is scheduled to take place from Monday, 03 October to Friday 16th December 2022 between 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm CAT, two days a week via Google Meet.

During the three-month training, trainees will learn:

– Fact-checking basics: Understanding fact-checking methodology & taxonomy, and fact-checking techniques using a range of specialized tools.

– Audience Engagement: Understanding how to create unique topics/themes for specific audiences, and how to build audience engagement and feedback systems.

– Production systems: Understanding how to design editorial/research workflow processes, tooling and staffing strategies, for streamlined integration into an organization’s wider production processes.

– Policy frameworks: Understanding how to apply international ethical and professional guidelines for quality assurance and industry accreditation, with special emphasis on applying the International Fact-Checking Network’s (IFCN) Code of Principles.

Are you eligible? Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. You must be able and willing to commit to attending all the virtual classes and completing all lesson assignments during the three months.

2. You must have access to a laptop/computer or smartphone with internet connectivity, to be able to participate in online classes and benefit from the digital mentorship and electronic resources.

3. You must be based in South Sudan or elsewhere, with demonstrable local experience/insights.

4. You must be fluent in English, as this will be the language of instruction and mentorship. Your fact-checks may be produced/published in another language, but translated copies must be made available in English.

5. You must commit to sharing your new skills and insights within your organisation and wider journalistic/research fraternity, by demonstrating your projects and techniques to peers.

6. You demonstrate a commitment to free and independent media in your professional career.

Upon ‘graduation,’ you will be awarded a certificate of completion and inducted into 211 Check’s community of professional fact-checkers. Here is the training syllabus:

The deadline for applications is 09 September 2022 at 4:30 PM

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