#defyhatenow #ASKcamp Bamenda, 2023

The #ASKcamp – Access to Skills and Knowledge bootcamp is out to develop networks that sustainably connect people and address the challenges that their communities deal with in the face of conflict and instability.

2022 Activity Overview

Despite Cameroon’s anglophone conflict, the #defyhatenow Cameroon
project reached out to communities in 2022 to educate and sensitize them
to hate speech online and offline. More than 60% of the 3,500 community
peace mobilizers, youth, and students trained directly in 2022 were women.
The initiative’s online platforms and partners reached over 600,000 people.


The multistakeholder meeting aims to draw lessons from past experience in identifying digital threats posed by mis-disinformation and hate speech to elections in Cameroon and Africa, in order to develop evidence-based strategic guidance on how to respond more effectively in future elections.

The Dawn of AI and Efforts in Countering Disinformation through Fact Checking

The use of AI for hate speech regulation directly impacts freedom of expression, which raises concerns about the rule of law and in particular, notions of legality, legitimacy and proportionality. Relying on AI, even without human supervision, is a necessity when it comes to content that could never be ethically or legally justifiable, such as child abuse.