Chapter 4: Identity

Identity is the focus of the fourth chapter and speaks to how people consider themselves part of a group and outsiders to others. The social identity wheel is provided as an activity that helps people see how identity is composed of different components. Learning to think about identity as made up of many things helps foster peace in our communities. 

One of the most common ways to distinguish human beings is by sex and gender. The difference between these two is outlined as they are often conflated and may prevent people from thriving and exploring their different strengths. The cycle of socialisation helps explain how we are socialised to play certain roles and how these roles get reinforced, and this is well explained and includes a call for change so that more open, free communities can be built. 

The pyramid of hate also explains how prejudice starts from biased attitudes and may go as far as bias-motivated violence and even genocide. The role of meaningful inter-group dialogue and community leaders in de-escalating tensions and spreading messages of peace is explored at the end of the chapter.

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