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Pidgin Field Guide, Implementation Workshop.

The use of Pidgin English in newsrooms in Cameroon bridges the communication gap for audiences that do not understand English nor French.

Last year, 2022 the Association of Broadcasters in Pidgin English gathered to translate the #defyhatenow#FieldGuide posters into pidgin English for a wider reach in Cameroon after which these posters are finally produced for use in the communities and remote areas of the country.

That’s why from November 24-25, 2023, these broadcasters from the North West, South West, and Littoral regions shall be gathering again for a two day session to discuss possible ways to reduce #HateSpeech, violence and #FakeNews in their communities using the translated pidgin posters both online and offline for a #HateFreeCameroon. #MakeWeStopBadMop

Contri man @KolleGeorge say, all man get for join mop for tok correk Tory wey e fit gather contri Pipo dem make dey #StopBadMop.

We salut wuna contri pipo dem!, Bad mop na some ting wey e di scatter Pipo dem plenty. Na why that wey contri pipo dem don join #defyhatenow for tok say make all we learn oda pipo their contri tok, their contri chop and their contri dance. E co make am make we #StopBadMop for internet and for all compound dem.

This tok comot for inside book wey #defyhatenow be write am with tori Pipo dem for say make peace dey for contri.




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