The Mirror and I by Aklile Gezahegn

You were never the words that were spoken to you

You were never the slurs that were shoved at you

You were a flower that was plucked to soon

You were that garden that filled up the whole room

Les Discours by PenBoy

The tongue has no bone

But it is the strongest, sometimes the fiercest part of a human body.

From our communities to vast facebook, twitter and instagram streets,

Our tongues sting with hate;

Unconscious, sometimes conscious

Unverified, carelessly uttered words intended to divide, hurt or kill.

Troubled Soul

From my veins the blood flows Through my racing heart reminding I’m still here.  Deep down I make a prayer The same I’ve been making all these years  hoping to […]

Poem written and performed by Mumbi Poetry

Socials: Instagram @mumbipoetryTwitter: @mumbipoetryFacebook: Mumbi Spoken WordYoutube: Mumbi PoetryEmail: [email protected] The revolution will not be televised, the revolution will be on Instagram live.The revolution will be planned on mood boards, […]

#peacejam2022 Annual Peace Jamboree is Here!

On September 21 every year, the global #defyhatenow community converges online to share perspectives on peacebuilding efforts carried out worldwide. #defyhatenow joins the international community today September 21, 2022 to […]

How to participate in the #Peacejam 2022

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